Facilities Management and Maintenance Software

Service Management software that can predict downtime

Facilities Management & Maintenance Software

Deliver a better service more efficiently

In such a fast growing service industry, it’s of paramount importance that facility management companies can respond to jobs quickly and give exceptional customer service.

To achieve this you need a highly productive workforce which adheres to consistent, efficient processes. Visibility of your entire service delivery is also vital for you to monitor progress and identify improvements.

In one intuitive platform Oneserve can deliver just this. Our facilities management software enables you to:

  • Schedule jobs intelligently – raise jobs, forecast and set job timescales, assign parts and dispatch engineers.
  • Fix it first time – better diagnosis, consistent processes and a comprehensive parts and stock management solution enable you to fix more jobs the first time you visit.
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere – field workers view appointments and capture all necessary
  • Accurate billing and reporting – automatically capture electronic audit trails for efficient invoicing, cost strategies and performance monitoring.

What if you could fix a problem before your customer was even aware of it?

With Oneserve infinite you can do just that.

By adding infinite to your Oneserve package you can see when one of your customer’s assets is going to fail, before the downtime actually occurs.

By collecting data from sensors located on your customer’s assets (these can be inbuilt or added retrospectively), Oneserve monitors all the factors that make that specific asset function at optimum capacity. We can measure multiple elements such as temperature, vibrations, water detection, movement and energy flows.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), infinite analyses this data and predicts when an asset is going to fail. At this point Oneserve automatically notifies the relevant people of the potential failure and plans for the right resource, with the right parts, to attend site and optimise uptime, in a planned and cost-effective way.

Calculate asset longevity

Oneserve infinite also tracks and analyses the performance of an asset so you can provide your customers with a detailed understanding of the remaining useful life of their assets. Known as a Commercial Asset Viability projection, the report uses data on usage patterns, asset failures and the cause of downtime to calculate the longevity of an asset to a level of detail and accuracy that has not previously been achievable.

Take the next steps to improving your service delivery

Learn more about how Oneserve can transform the way you deliver your service by requesting a demo.

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"Oneserve schedules the right engineer for the job with the necessary materials and skills, allowing the engineer to complete the job first time.”

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“A key reason for choosing Oneserve was the analytics capability which we use to track trends in reactive maintenance issues, first time fix rates and response times."

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“In the last six months we've increased productivity by a further 25% by working closely with the Oneserve team.”

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