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Optimise productivity and cut costs

Oneserve supports local government organisations, at all levels, deliver a quality service that reduces cost and maximises productivity. We achieve this with our forward-thinking, highly intelligent service management software.

Thanks to advanced functionality such as intelligent scheduling, powerful workforce mobility and superior finance & reporting tools, our software provides all the necessary tools to support optimised worker environments. As a result, you achieve greater productivity, improved customer loyalty and tangible profitability.

  • Share data and inspire good practice with our customisable dashboards
  • Identify and mitigate risk with greater accuracy through powerful reporting
  • Leverage approval mechanisms to support department compliance
  • Equip your mobile workforce and field engineers with productivity boosting technology
  • Empower your back office teams to make better informed decisions

Take efficiency improvements to the next level

In addition to streamlining your processes and uniting your workforce through an intuitive, all encompassing platform, Oneserve can also change the way you carry out jobs.

Without Oneserve each job you complete is predominantly treated as a standalone job. Learning how to complete similar jobs more effectively is largely a manual and thus laborious process.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deep learning algorithms, Oneserve infinite can identify a ‘bad’ job, i.e. one that has failed to meet a KPI, and identify what contributing factors have hindered the job. By building relationships between bad jobs and their causes, our software alerts you when future jobs are booked which present similar characteristics.

For example, if a specific site has in the past been difficult to access, when future jobs are booked to that site, Oneserve will automatically alert your operative of the potential issue, enabling them to carry out the necessary preventative steps before your KPI is missed.

Predict asset failures before a problem occurs

The same technology also enables us to draw data from sensors attached to assets, such as a boiler. By monitoring factors like temperature and water detection, Oneserve infinite can detect potential asset failures and alert your team accordingly. This enables you to remedy the situation before it has caused any downtime.

Consolidate every aspect of your service delivery into one powerful solution

Discover more about how our easily configurable software can increase your productivity, incentivise stronger collaboration and optimise your business processes, by requesting a demo today.

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"Oneserve schedules the right engineer for the job with the necessary materials and skills, allowing the engineer to complete the job first time.”

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“A key reason for choosing Oneserve was the analytics capability which we use to track trends in reactive maintenance issues, first time fix rates and response times."

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“In the last six months we've increased productivity by a further 25% by working closely with the Oneserve team.”

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