Social housing service management solutions

Predictive service management software for the social housing industry

Social Housing Field Service Solution

Achieve optimal efficiency and customer satisfaction

Designed specifically to support social housing organisations, Oneserve is an end-to-end solution that optimises work practices, whether planned or reactive maintenance, giving you high levels of visibility and control.

By delivering advanced and yet highly intuitive solutions such as intelligent scheduling, powerful workforce mobility and superior finance and reporting tools you will gain:

  • Consistency. Consistent workflows that everyone in your organisation follows means you achieve efficiency and compliance.
  • Transparency. Oneserve is accessible to everyone who needs sight of jobs in real-time, no matter where they are. This gives one version of the truth.
  • Control. You can monitor performance and identify efficiency improvements with confidence and precision.

Management for social housing servciesDelivering a service beyond your customer’s expectations

Imagine if you could predict failures before they happen.

With Oneserve infinite you can do just that.

Our optional predictive solution combines cloud technology with deep learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) to monitor and analyse the data created through the journey of each job. Using advanced deep learning algorithms, Oneserve infinite forms relationships between past jobs and predicts when future failures are going to occur. This increases your First Time Fix Rate and identifies efficiency savings that were previously extremely difficult to locate.

For example, if a particular site has often made it difficult to meet KPIs due to access difficulties, Oneserve infinite takes that problem job, identifies the contributing factors and stores this learning.

When a member of your team next allocates a job to that site, Oneserve will automatically alert them to the fact that gaining access may prove difficult. This enables your team to instigate remedial actions before the problem even occurs.

The efficiency savings this brings is significant and overtime, as more and more data is gathered and interrogated, efficiencies will continually be identified.

Predictive asset management

By using sensors on your customers assets (these can be fitted retrospectively), Oneserve infinite is also able to predict when an asset is going to fail.

Take a boiler as an example; sensors can monitor numerous behaviours and activities, such as an increase in temperature or excessive vibrations. When one of these factors goes beyond normal parameters, Oneserve will alert your team and automatically schedule resource and parts to carry out remedial actions – all before any downtime is incurred.

The need for reactive repairs is significantly reduced, efficiency is increased and customers receive an exceptional service.

One holistic solution to take your service delivery to a new level

Despite Oneserve’s complex algorithms, it is a highly intuitive, user-friendly platform. By uniting your processes, departments and people you can deliver an outstanding service that meets your KPIs cost effectively. 

Transform the effectiveness of your organisation into a powerful engine of efficiency by booking a demo today.

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"Oneserve schedules the right engineer for the job with the necessary materials and skills, allowing the engineer to complete the job first time.”

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“A key reason for choosing Oneserve was the analytics capability which we use to track trends in reactive maintenance issues, first time fix rates and response times."

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“In the last six months we've increased productivity by a further 25% by working closely with the Oneserve team.”

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