Beyond Four Walls
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Beyond Four Walls: Unveiling tenant perspectives in UK Social Housing

Gain an understanding of Oneserve’s revealing ‘Beyond Four Walls’ tenant perspective report in this insightful podcast.

Oneserve Chief Executive, Chris Proctor, offers his expert analysis on Oneserve’s ‘Beyond Four Walls’ survey results which saw the views of over 500 UK Social Housing tenants recorded.

The survey results reveal the true perceptions and experiences of social housing tenants and uncover a gap between tenant expectations and the current service levels being delivered by their landlords.

This ignites an interesting discussion on how the sector needs to meet the customer service benchmarks being set by leading companies outside of the social housing sector, such as Amazon.

Join Chris as he discusses the survey findings and what they mean for the future of service standards within social housing.

To see the ‘Beyond Four Walls’ survey results in full, you can download the free 32 page results report here.

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