3 problems you'll never face with workforce management software

Save time, money and workforce frustrations by resolving the following field service management problems:

1. Last minute work schedule shuffling

There’s nothing more frustrating than successfully navigating through a logistical nightmare, only to find a last minute cancellation pushes your work schedule out of sync. If you manually schedule your workforce, then last minute changes can completely veto hours of hard work.

Field Force Solutions: Workforce planning can be greatly improved through employee scheduling software. Rather than having to go back to the drawing board every time a service appointment changes, intelligent online scheduling – which utilises mobile solutions – allows you to constantly optimise all your resources, adjusting to changing parameters such as resource skill set, locations, SLA and availability, with greater speed and agility.

This gives you the flexibility to ensure workforce optimisation and reduce drive time while delivering an improved customer experience.

2. Illegible handwriting

There’s no point capturing information if no one can read it. Time spent trying to decipher handwritten notes can be just as wasteful as failing to capture any information at all.

Field Service Management Solution: With smart mobile devices, information is captured electronically from your site and field services. This means an end to guesswork as comments, notes and signatures are captured digitally and instantly shareable with the back office staff.

Not only does this mean the information is clear and comprehensive, it also means the right information needed to complete jobs and progress to next stage in work order is fed back straight from the field. This connectivity provides massive efficiency gains and ensures everyone has everything they need to work effectively.

3. Paper cuts

Paper poses more of a danger to your workforce than paper cuts. The cost of processing paper forms can significantly haemorrhage your cash flow thorough draining resource time and energy.

If you still rely on paper systems such as paper-based time sheets, activity notes, paper reporting and job invoicing, you could be missing a really effective trick for boosting your productivity and achieving workforce optimisation.

Mobile Workforce Management Solution: Migrating your paper processes to highly efficient digital formats can provide serious improvements, saving you time and money whilst improving the quality of your service.

Digital documents can be shared in real time, are easily accessed and can be integrated into a comprehensive knowledge management system, which in turn provides one system of record. This boosts workforce accountability and accuracy through providing one version of the truth which is traceable and straightforward to find. Whilst this is bad news for filing cabinet makers, this is excellent for your field service technicians!

Mobile workforce management software that incorporates intelligent scheduling, digital forms, automated processes and electronic work orders empowers field service organisations with a standardised way of working, optimised for workforce efficiency and productivity. This is achieved through eliminating traditional problems associated with managing a team of field service engineers.

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