5 signs you need to change your Job Management software

If your business already has Job Management software in place then you’re already one step closer to reaching maximum efficiency. But if your current software isn’t the most suitable for your business this could be restricting your progress and it may be time to upgrade.

Here are some of the telltale signs to look out for that may indicate that it is time to change your Job Management provider.

1. Growth limitations

If your current Job Management software has limited functionalities which don’t support your future growth and development plans, it may be time to look for a solution that can offer more. A good Job Management system will continually evolve and adapt and should not have a restrictive cap on the number of users or licenses. Oneserve’s software is suitable for a range of businesses across many different industries. With different functionality options available, additional chargeable features can be added to the basic package meaning the software is fully adaptable to those businesses with more complex requirements.

2. Not achieving maximum efficiency

If you are still struggling to ensure your mobile workforce are reaching optimum efficiency it may be that you need a system that can automate this process further. Oneserve’s optimised scheduler uses complex business rules and logic when scheduling jobs to ensure your entire mobile workforce are working to maximum efficiency. By always sending an appropriately qualified team member equipped with the required parts to complete the job first time, and located the shortest possible drivetime away from the location of the job, you will see both time and cost savings.

3. Lack of flexibility

If you are unable to tailor your Job Management software so that it works exactly how you need it to, you are unlikely to be working as effectively as you could be. Being able to customise elements of the software yourself enables you to tailor it to your specific requirements so that you can achieve a maximum return on your investment. The benefit of Oneserve’s self-service functionality is that you have full control over the functions that you use. With many customisable elements, you can create a Job Management solution that works for your business now and into the future. There should be no need to pay additional fees to make adjustments to your software, with a system like Oneserve you can do this work yourself, as and when you need to.

4. No real-time visibility

Without real-time visibility it can be difficult to have a realistic view of job progression, which in turn can make it more difficult to make effective business decisions. It also means you are reliant on having effective communication between your office or home-based teams and your mobile workforce, in order for information to be shared with the relevant individuals. The Oneserve mobile app enables your mobile workforce to communicate real-time job updates with back-office teams, simply and easily. With both teams equipped with real-time visibility and real-time communication streams no matter where they are, your organisation can operate more productively.

5. Unable to track performance

To achieve maximum efficiency gains you must be able to accurately monitor and measure performance. If you are unable to compare the profitability of jobs or track your team’s performance then you are unable to identify the areas which require improvement. Oneserve’s self service reports and dashboards provide the business intelligence you need to make strategic plans for the future. Custom reports can be tailored to the specific areas that are important to monitor within your organisation. This means that monitoring specific KPI’s is simple and easy with Oneserve.

Oneserve is already helping businesses from your industry achieve more. If you think your Job Management software is stopping you from reaching optimum business efficiency, request a free demo of our software today.