5 Ways to Improve Mobile Workforce Productivity

The main aim of any business will always be to improve productivity and efficiency within the workplace. Finding out ways to do so can be particularly challenging, especially if your business relies on a mobile workforce, because keeping track of employees who are scattered around the UK or Europe isn’t an easy task. It’s no secret that improving productivity within your mobile workforce will positively impact efficiency, customer service, ROI and so much more.

A UK based study had shown that apps and software improves worker productivity by 34%, with department specific software improving an individual’s productivity by as much as 60% (Digital Strategy Consulting). From mobile field software to mobile workforce management there are many ways to improve your mobile workforce’s productivity:

Streamline your Mobile Workflow Management

Streamlining your mobile workflow management is a logical, efficient and simple way to organise your team and allocate jobs, whilst having a clear and concise overview of completed tasks, and jobs that need to be done. A streamlined mobile workflow will also revolutionise your business’s productivity, and optimise customer experience as the flow of information is streamlined in order to give a consistent and high quality process, that is being audited. It also enables you to allocate your team to jobs they excel at, ergo increasing productivity and efficiency. Alongside this employees are able to check off completed tasks as they go, keeping you constantly updated with their progress. This software can be tailored even further to check a job off as soon as a customer has signed for their service or product.

Eliminate the Need for Paperwork

Making sure your employees are filling out the correct paperwork, alongside keeping track of said paperwork as well as filing it takes up space and time that could be spent elsewhere. If your mobile workforce relies on paperwork, it is an added burden to the job at hand, especially as there are other mobile field solutions that can be put in place. Utilising forms and survey software within your business means that all the necessary paperwork available on a mobile phone or tablet, and saved to a singular database as soon as it is complete. This reduces the risk of lost paperwork, sensitive information being exposed and incorrect data being recorded – all of which takes time to rectify. Logging the correct data is imperative, and it will instantly update dashboards and internal data, removing the need for someone to do so. Abolishing the need for paperwork within any mobile workforce is essential to improve productivity, as it free up time that is spent on said paperwork, that can be spent in other areas that need it.

Improve your Resources

Making sure that your employees have the tools they need to complete tasks properly and efficiently is imperative for any business, but keeping track of these resources is often challenging. Utilising resource management software for your company means that you can effectively streamline planning and scheduling within the mobile field service, keeping track of the data you are gathering and the data you need. Alongside this, having a clear overview of stock levels will help you get a more accurate insight of what you need to order and the tools needed to efficiently complete jobs and deliver excellent customer service. Once again, your processes, communication and documents are all under one roof, creating a more streamlined and logical process for you and your team. Resource management software also enables you to give an exact match of your customer’s needs, giving a fast and reliable solution.

Reduce your Business’s Errors

Errors have an effect on any industry, from hindering productivity to finances and costs of labour, which is why a process should be put in place to reduce them as much as possible. This is much more challenging with mobile workforces, as team members are spread out across various locations and monitoring their progress and visibility can be a challenging and laborious task. Creating a streamlined way to complete a task will help rid errors and gather all data necessary, which is where mobile workforce management software comes in. Utilising software that will give your employees complete visibility, real time updates and a refreshed schedule will maximise productivity and ensure that they are where they need to be, with the correct tools. As important data can be recorded on this software, it abolishes the need for paperwork and reduces human error due to the accuracy of the data being captured.

Improve Individual Colleague’s Productivity

As mentioned earlier, an individual’s productivity can be improved if they are given the correct tools to do so. Having messaging services, email, calendars, customer data, contact lists and everything an employee needs to complete an on-site job under one roof will immediately improve their efficiency as it has been integrated into your workflow. When an employee checks off a job, the customer database and audit trail should be simultaneously updated. If a customer cancels a call out or their, the team member’s schedule should be immediately updated so that no time is wasted. Oneserve excel at supporting businesses in order to achieve optimum efficiency and high workforce productivity. From customisable workflows and process automation to real-time visibility and self-service reporting, we aim for innovation and service excellence.

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