Achieving 100% compliance on social housing gas servicing is achievable!

Few in the social housing sector would argue with the need to carry out annual gas safety checks – after all a tenant’s safety is absolutely essential. However, in the same breath, most responsible for carrying out, or organising, gas safety checks will be very familiar with the challenge of completing these checks. No access being one of the most frequently encountered problems.

Thankfully, 2018 brought the welcomed introduction of MOT style gas servicing checks in which social housing landlords were given greater flexibility over the time in which they can complete their annual mandatory gas safety checks. This additional two month window that permits landlords to complete servicing works up to two months before the anniversary of a previous check, means there is now a bit of leeway in meeting requirements ahead of the existing expiry date. But it doesn’t remove the issue of actually accessing the property – it just gives social landlords longer to resolve the problem.

Offering a solution that takes the hassle out of compliance

Oneserve’s field service management software enables you to easily schedule your regular servicing work such as annual gas safety checks. Bespoke work flows automate the creation of servicing jobs and appointments in the system, within the two month period ahead of the next service date.

Intelligent scheduling optimises each appointment by configuring job resources, workforce availability and drive time. Appointment notifications are triggered to be sent when the appointment is generated – these can be sent according to the customers chosen method – letter, SMS text or email. All appointment notifications raised are recorded against the site of the job giving you a complete audit trail of the information that has been sent to the customer. If appointment rescheduling is required, all revisions happen in real-time with updates sent directly to each field worker’s mobile device through the Oneserve app. This ensures your whole team stays connected and continues to deliver a first-class service to customers despite appointments needing to be adjusted.

Complete collaboration for complete compliance

Oneserve’s gas servicing workflow offers complete visibility with all key stakeholders – clients, contractors, back office staff and engineers. Field engineers stay connected through the Oneserve Mobile App which works on any android or iOS device. The app enables engineers to easily complete LGSRs (Landlords Gas Safety Records) on site which not only saves time, but also creates a real-time electronic audit trail for compliance purposes. LGSR certificates are then saved in Oneserve against the job as evidence, from where back-office teams can export PDF certificates to be sent to the end customer within the required 28 day time frame.

Proving complete peace of mind

Oneserve’s field service management software and flexible gas servicing solution gives client-partners the ability to create a gas servicing workflow which is quick to implement and delivers excellent organisational results.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Oneserve’s client-partner MCP have been helping communities with social housing maintenance for 40 years. They provide integrated repairs and maintenance, gas & electrical compliance servicing and installation, aid & adaptations and cyclical & capital works for over 20 clients in the social housing sector throughout London, the East and the South East. Since implementing Oneserve, MCP has significantly improved the number of jobs completed per day, reduced its engineers’ travel time and achieved 100% compliance on gas and electrical testing.

Find out more

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