The Advantages of Business Process Management

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of competition for the majority of businesses in today’s economy. And as well as competition, there are a whole host of other activities that need to be managed along the way; keeping track of stock, enhancing employees’ productivity, offering competitive deals and reaching that end goal. Staying on top of all of these challenges can be a real struggle, especially when trying to stay organised just seems like another end goal rather than something that happens naturally.

This is where Business Process Management (BPM) comes in. With so many hours in the day, there is only so much that can be done – and that time should be spent doing really important and high priority tasks. Implementing Business Process Management software into your company will help to improve the working day, and has many advantages. Here are just a few:

Benefits of Business Process Management

BPM helps to manage stock levels

Stock Management. These words are enough to send a manager into cold sweats, remembering hours of counting endless units of stock, as well as the feeling of panic when they realise they have over or under ordered. Keeping up with stock and parts in any business is a very difficult task to get right, but implementing BPM software can help to improve your business’ management of its stock levels.

For example, property maintenance contractors Gilmartins utilised a Business Process Management system and were able to keep track of the equipment that was available, in use and what they were running low on.

Utilising one system that manages everything from the stock sat in the warehouse to the units being used in the field will save time. Automatic ordering can be set-up when stock levels are low, therefore decreasing the risk of over or under ordering. This in turn will benefit the business financially, as there is no excessive expenditure on unnecessary stock. Furthermore, your order history and audits are all stored in one place and easily accessed, eliminating the need for folders and piles of paper.

There is one disadvantage – Business Management Systems cannot account for broken stock or stock that is lost due to sticky fingers; which is why it is still important to do the big stock counts – but it is not needed as often.

BPM helps to improve customer service

Customers are the most important part of any business, which is why customer service and customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of any company. Although business process management software cannot converse with customers and replicate the human interaction side of customer service that is imperative to close the deal, it can help to make customer management and the process much less stressful for all parties involved.

Sovini Property Services chose to implement Business Process Management software in order to deliver excellent customer service for their tenants in the most efficient way possible. With over 16,000 properties in the UK that they had to maintain, it was imperative to make sure that they were staying on top of the needs of their tenants, whilst giving them a stress free experience. BPM helped them to do so.

Business Process Management software is particularly useful for call centres, as the customer’s issues can be identified through an operating system, which will then put them through to the correct department. A BPM system will also enable you to put a system that will be able to help diagnose issues and sort them out automatically, without having to pay an employee. This will help solve the customer’s issue quickly, therefore giving them a positive experience.

BPM helps to improve workers on the go

Trying to manage the workplace when work isn’t restricted to the office can be incredibly stressful and frustrating, especially if your company relies on projects being completed in multiple locations. Installing mobile workforce management software will help to manage multiple projects in many different locations and keep all the necessary paperwork in one place, alongside the allocation of resources, therefore helping you make a more informed decision of what parts, equipment and stock you need to order.

Roofing service, Contour Roofing, needed a way to keep track of the different projects going on in many different locations across the UK, and keep the legal paperwork all together in an efficient and effective way. They used a BPM system that would help to manage all of this, therefore improving their workflow and workforce management processes.

The advantages of mobile workforce management software is endless, as workers can access their tasks and find out what is expected of them from their mobile phone. Their progress on each project has the option to be monitored in order to help each worker to continually optimise their performance.

BPM helps keep track of finances

Effective financial management is integral to any business. Keeping track of what money is being spent where and what is coming in can be a real struggle, especially if there are hundreds of invoices and receipts to keep hold of.

Southern Housing Group utilised BPM software for multiple reasons. One of them was to see how they could improve their financial outgoings. They were able to see where money was going, and what could be spent elsewhere in order to improve the company’s ROI.

As everything is under one file, the hassle of finding all the relevant paperwork and calculating what is going in and out is eliminated. The software can create spreadsheets and graphs, making it much easier to put reports together. It is also a much easier way to track KPIs and have a clear view on what needs to be done in order to improve ROI.

BPM helps to streamline workflow

Improving the efficiency of any work process is a priority in any business, and the majority of businesses are looking for ways to improve their processes seamlessly. The adaptations they choose to utilise should should help enhance the workflow, and suit the company’s specific needs. Using Business Process Management software to streamline workflow will not get rid of lazy employees, but it can certainly help to identify them.

Leading building repairs and maintenance specialist, MD Building Services Ltd, chose to implement BPM software in order to identify weaknesses in their working process and improve them. This helped them to increase the number of jobs that were completed throughout the day.

Employees are able to see all the tasks that need to be completed, and can collaborate to complete different tasks. This means that work can be finished as a team and multiple processes can be streamlined in order to remove the kinks.

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