The alarming cost of wasted time in field service organisations

It’s startling how much time per day, per field staff is lost from daily tasks such as trips to the suppliers, travelling to each job and returning to the customer for a second visit. This article looks at the cost of wasted time and what tactics you can adopt to prevent wastage and improve mobile workforce productivity.

Statistics from the Service Council show that 30 minutes of wasted time per engineer per day can significantly impact your annual turnover.  When you then start to think about the scenarios that can cause time wastage, it is easy to see how quickly wasted time can accumulate:

  • Form filling during and after an appointment
  • Inability to gain access to the site
  • Difficulty finding the location
  • The need to collect parts
  • A lack of knowledge to complete the job

These five points alone demonstrate the enormity of the challenge facing UK field service organisations.  The good news: there are simple solutions to minimise downtime whilst causing little disruption to your service operations.

All of the above boil down to inefficiencies.  They all occur because processes are not as streamlined as they should be, but with the right tools in place you can cancel out these inefficiencies with a fast ROI.  Here’s how:

  • Automated communications can be sent prior to the scheduled appointment to remind a customer that they need to give the engineer access.
  • Route mapping can provide engineers with directions to their next job.
  • Parts inventories can be viewed to see stock availability and engineers can order parts directly based on their specific jobs.
  • Real-time information can be delivered direct to the engineer to give service history and details about past jobs, to give them the knowledge needed to complete the job upon first visit.
  • Digitalised processes can be implemented to create an electronic audit trail which eliminates paperwork and ambiguity.

Wasted time is costly but with the technological capabilities now available, there is no excuse for wasting opportunities to improve productivity.  The key is to resolve inefficiencies and prevent service delays early on before they cause bottlenecks.  With the right field service management software in place, field technicians will be able to spent more time in front of customers,  increasing efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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