Field service guide: 3 ways to beat the cost of missed appointments


Missed appointments cause field service businesses millions of pounds each year. With current pressure to reduce costs and work leaner, many service businesses are putting missed appointments on the top of their agenda for improvement.

Scheduling is one of most challenging aspects of field service management. No matter how competent your back office schedulers and booking systems are, last minute cancellations and missed service appointments still occur.

This can disrupt your service schedule, leading to resource under utilisation and employee frustrations.

For your front end schedulers this creates logistical headaches and wasted time trying to fill in gaps in your service schedule. For your field service engineer teams this means excessive downtime, wasted travel time and fragmented workloads.

It’s no surprise therefore, that if broken appointments and cancellations aren’t managed effectively, they can have a serious impact on:

  • Mobile workforce moral
  • Customer experience
  • Business growth

The following 3 easy steps provide practical measures your service company could deploy to optimise service appointments.

1. Customer management software

Capturing and storing accurate customer information enables scheduling coordinators to allocate the best appointment slots for their customers’ needs. By optimising an appointment time for customer convenience, the risk of cancellation is reduced.

For example, the likelihood of a tenant missing a service appointment may increase if they are given a time that conflicts with their availability or work schedule.

Storing client information against site and asset information, ensures your scheduling teams are able to access, with ease, essential information that will empower them to make smarter decisions.

2. Automated customer communications

An automated text message or reminder email are hugely effective at reducing missed appointments. By pre-warning customers of booked appointments or confirming the scheduling of PPM works, such communications can nurture customer relationships and enhance their experience of your services.

With a fast ROI, the costs of automation software quickly pays for itself, whilst providing significant savings in the long run.

3. Field mobility solutions

You can’t control cancellations but technology can be leveraged to mitigate the damaging effects. In fact, empowering your site and field services with the right communication tools, you can turn last minute cancellations into new opportunities to increase your revenue.

The key is having the flexibility and speed to respond to last minute cancellations and take decisive action.

Real time mobility enables your scheduler to inform a field service engineer of a cancelled appointment in real time. Whilst this can significantly reduce wasted trips, downtime can also be minimalised through enabling a field service technician to pick up emergency call outs whilst out on the road. This is all facilitated through intelligent resource scheduling software and field mobility tools.

Such mobility solutions empower your whole workforce with the best field service tools to become more agile and resilient. This provides the scope to transform service cancellations into new opportunities to impress and exceed customer expectations.

Oneserve powers many UK field service businesses to complete more service appointments a day through eliminating productivity issues in the most cost effective way.

From streamlined scheduling workflows and auto-triggered customer communications,  right through to self-service analytical reporting, Oneserve field service management solutions will help your service organisation work smarter.

To find our how Oneserve could help you increase your profitability through eliminating inefficiencies, call our experts on 01392 367 367 or request a free software demonstration here.