BiG Consultancy and Oneserve join forces to enhance Oneserve infinite

We are really happy to announce a key strategic partnership with machine learning and predictive analytics specialist BiG Consultancy.

The partnership will see ourselves and Big Consultancy join forces to enhance and accelerate Oneserve infinite, which is just one of our field service management solutions.

We believe this is a major step forward in bringing machine learning and predictive analytics, to the service delivery sector, setting the benchmark for the future. Whilst many continue to talk around the prospects and future potential of machine learning and predictive analytics, this partnership truly makes it a reality.

Our CEO, Chris Proctor, explains: “Today we live in a world where our cost palatability is decreasingly rapidly, whilst customer expectations of service delivery are increasing at a seismic pace, driven largely by technology and innovations in our ‘consumer’ lives.

“By looking outside the conventional confines of traditional field service principles, technologies and systems we have been able to learn and bring on board a number of solutions and make them accessible to our customers”

Initially, we looked into the potential of IoT, but found that whilst it provided a strong tool as an edge based trigger, customers could essentially be told that there was a problem but not have the ability to prevent costly down time.

It was back in 2016, when our team began to identify what the alignment of a holy trinity of technologies, Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The true potential of this combination quickly became clear.

“We’ve used Artificial Intelligence within our current scheduling engine for some time,” explained Proctor. “However, combining the three provided the ability to look much wider and understand the relationships between failures and the contributing factor. This in turn, provided capabilities that could predict failure in advance, giving customers the time to remedy the fault before down time is incurred. In some industries, the costs associated with a responsive breakdown repair job can be as much as 20 times higher than the planned job so this development was a significant step for us.”

Partnering with BiG was a key part in our strategy to accelerate developments in this area and develop meaningful, real-world use cases where we could deliver significant advantages to customers. BiG has worked successfully with high profile customers in this area, including the likes of CrowdCube, The MoD, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme and Microsoft.

BiG co-founder, Gerry McNicol stated: “BiG is excited to be partnering with FSM leaders Oneserve on this innovative project. The combination of Predictive Asset Maintenance and Field Service Management is a fantastic example of how real benefit can be gained for both customer and supplier.

“It’s a superb use case for IoT and Machine Learning technology showing tangible and measureable benefits. Once you’ve seen it in action you wish you’ll done this sooner,” McNicol concluded.

Oneserve Infinite is able to provide customers with:

  • A system that can autonomously recognise a ‘failure event’ with significantly more warning, ensuring that the relevant teams are notified and operatives are scheduled efficiently to undertake planned maintenance that prevents downtime.
  • Detailed maintenance schedules of work that will be required over a given time.
  • ‘Asset Commercial Viability’ projections to help companies understand the remaining useful lifespan of their assets.
  • A new way of working – turning responsive breakdown repairs into planned maintenance events, providing vast cost efficiencies and a level of service excellence that will set the benchmark for the future.

For more information regarding Oneserve infinite contact us today or request a demo.