The changing face of service management

How well are you keeping up? The world of service is changing, and it appears just in time, as our recent research discovered; 95% of organisations said their field service management solution could be improved.

With a new wave of performance boosting technology and fresh service management techniques sweeping the managed services sector, can you afford not to change?

But before we embrace new innovation flooding the market in the form of user-friendly interfaces, mobile field apps, automated work orders and intelligent scheduling, how do we prevent ourselves from being overwhelmed by the many attention grabbing gizmos and flashy gimmicks?

Understanding the fundamental principles of field service management and making sure these don’t get left behind or distorted in the transition to digitalised workforce practices, is essential.

Get the basics right, and you will have greater confidence that any new adoptions will enhance your existing strengths rather than distract from what you do best – provide a quality service that reflects the needs of your stakeholders.

The current situation

Service demand fluctuates, customer needs change, businesses evolve and develop. For an organisation to remain relevant and provide an uninterrupted quality of service, their processes for managing their service delivery must be as flexible and scalable as their customers’ expectations.

However, according to our research:

74% of service organisations surveyed admit customer experience could be better.

5 significant factors that contribute to this stat, include:

  1. A lack of collaboration
  2. Difficulty in managing costs
  3. A lack of transparency
  4. A lack of immediate information
  5. Inefficient scheduling

This demonstrates the close correlation between your processes and service quality. By making your service infrastructure better, you can offer your customers a better experience. And, a better customer experience means a bigger profit and business longevity.

The solution

Interrogating your business enables you to identify areas where you may be falling behind. This is a helpful exercise in forming a strategic plan of corrective action, that directly addresses weaknesses in your service delivery.

A good starting point is to break down your business into 3 core components:

1. People
2. Processes
3. Control

You can then begin analysing each component using questions such as the ones under the following headings:

1) People

• Who are your key stakeholders?
• What are their needs?
• As a business, how well are you serving these needs?

• What core resources do your workforce need to to the best job?
• How fit for purpose are your existing resources?
• How could they be improved?

• How do your customers define a quality service?
• How well does your service satisfy this criteria?
• How are your competitors responding to changing demand?
• What are you doing to differentiate your service?

• What is your business doing to enhance value exchanges across the supply-chain?

2) Process

• How often do you review your processes?
• Once inefficiencies have been identified how quickly can you amend your processes to accommodate improvement?

3) Control

• How well do you know your business?
• How easily can you flex from a high level view of your operations down to a granular level?
• Can you isolate specific variables such as an individual’s performance on a specific day?

The above questions provide a good starting point for reviewing your service business. By stimulating further questions, you can set in motion a robust performance improvement plan that truly reflects the needs of your mobile workforce, customers and other influential stakeholders.

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