UK Construction Industry: How change will do us good

Traditional ways of working are slow, inefficient and costly. They squeeze our profit margins, they rattle our strategies and they stifle our capacity to grow. As such, many construction companies, building contractors and developers find themselves trapped between shrinking profit margins and stagnant productivity.

If we are to overcome many of these obstacles, we must stamp out complacency, remove the fear of change and dismantle barriers to innovation.

This sentiment has been ricocheting through the building construction industry for a long time, yet we are still to see the wide spread adoption of technology throughout the supply chain. Here are 4 practical ways we can adopt the right technology to deliver quicker, safer and better quality outcomes.

4 ways you can take advantage of technology

1. Compensate for the skills shortage

Research by Zurich last year showed half of all UK construction companies cited skills shortage as their biggest concern. An ageing workforce, Brexit and rising wages are among the many factors impacting on businesses’ ability to meet demand witin regulations, timefreames and contratual agreements.

When skills are in short supply, Intelligent scheduling software can help you maximise the potential of your existing workforce through cracking down on resource under utilisation.

This is achieved through automatically scheduling out the right workers with the right skill set, parts and location out to the right job. Eliminating the financial and safety risks of dispatching a field service engineer without the appropriate skills, qualifications and experience, could scheduling software be a essential component of modern workforce management?

2. Bringing innovation and collaboration into the mix

With economic, social and political uncertainty, the need for collaborative working and an integrated supply chain has never been greater in the built environment. Field mobility apps facilitate real-time information sharing and interactions. This brings all individuals and site parties into one cohesive unit, where everyone works towards achieving the best outcomes.

Having one standardised way of working that can be easily shared, is a major step towards building stronger relationships throughout your mobile workforce, construction contractors and the supply chain.

3. Real-time visibility tools

Mitigate risk by having full operational visibility into job tracking, SLAs, contract management, health and safety compliance and project milestones. When you have the whole picture you are able to anticipate issues before they happen, enabling to take action before they materialise into late payments or contract disputes.

Perhaps what is so transformational about this technology is the speed and availability at which critical information is made accessible. This is facilitated by cloud innovation meaning you can access information from anywhere at anytime.

4. Flexible process management

Long gone are the rigid frameworks of traditional business process management platforms. Thanks to forward thinking software solutions that leverage low code technology, it is far easier to translate the way you work into streamlined workflows. This means you can now coordinate every facet of your contruction services into one efficient way of working, with greater ease and speed.

A further benefit of low code interfaces is the ability to adjust your business processes when and wherever you need to without technical assistance. This significantly enhances your capabilities to respond to fluctuating market demand with unprecedented speed and precision.

Digitalisation of the way we work is no longer a question of if or when – changes are happening now!

From small scale building contractors and property maintenance teams to SMEs and multi million pound projects, our custom engineered products provide one complete field service management solution, with value added functionality built into every step of your service operations.

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