How to transform customer experience in the energy sector

Gas and electricity provision in the UK has changed dramatically over the years. In the nineties, one of the biggest changes was privatisation in which 24 million householders suddenly had  choice over their energy provision, forcing providers to d re-evaluate how they do things.

Since this transformation, the world we live in has changed a lot. Consumers now expect more from all of their suppliers and technological advances have pushed these expectations further. But, despite this, the energy sector has not evolved at the same pace and customer service is being impacted. To fully understand the impact, Oneserve carried out an independent survey of thousands of end users to gauge their view of the service they receive from their energy provider. The results are staggering with half saying they have received a poor customer experience from their energy provider.

To discover more about the state of customer service in the energy sector download our white paper, moving beyond ‘Okay’. In addition to revealing more of the survey findings, the white paper also explores how energy providers can remain relevant in a world of continuing change, ensuring they meet the expectations of customers by continually delivering service excellence.

Download the white paper here. If you would like any more details on the above, please contact Oneserve today. We are more than happy to help discuss the findings and offer our services such as our Field Service Management software