Delivering enhanced functionality for more effective forms & surveys

Oneserve’s new premium survey builder delivers a more powerful forms and surveys experience. Through its highly intuitive, self-service interface, drag and drop functionality, and limitless numbers of different forms, your organisation can capture the exact information it needs.

Enhanced Surveys enables your back office teams to create and edit surveys, bespoke to your organisation’s requirements. You can even select when the survey appears during the completion of the job. For example, you can select a risk assessment to be completed before work commences on a job, and a customer satisfaction survey would only be presented after the job has been marked as complete. Surveys can also be made mandatory meaning you always capture the precise information required. As your mobile workforce access their jobs through the Oneserve Mobile App the surveys that require completion will appear automatically on their job ‘To do’ list.

An additional feature within Enhanced Surveys is the ability to implement conditional questions. This enables you to dictate the question that appears next within the form or survey, based on the previous response. Subsequently, your mobile workers will find the completion of the surveys more focused and less onerous.

As a survey is completed within the Oneserve Mobile App, visual evidence such as photographs and multiple signatures, can be easily captured and uploaded. This information is then clearly recorded against the job providing an extra level of visibility for your organisation. You can even upload existing hard copy forms and templates, overlay question fields and convert them to electronic branded forms and certificates can be downloaded against the job from the answers submitted through the mobile app.

Critically, all information collected within Enhanced Surveys is updated in real-time through the Oneserve Mobile App. This provides a single version of the truth as back-office teams have instant access to all information that is updated by the mobile workforce whilst on the job, including any completed forms or surveys.

In summary, Enhanced Surveys offers a highly innovative, easy-to-use, self-service assessment tool that works with your organisation to collect data and evidence compliance. To discover how Oneserve can work with you to achieve a more informed and compliant future, find out more through our Enhanced Surveys video or book a demo today.