Enhancing project performance in the construction industry: 4 solutions to address current industry pain points

In 2016, new construction projects in Great Britain continued to grow, totalling £99,266 million. In line with this growth, we now see more construction companies and more people employed in the industry. With this growth comes greater pressure to first secure new work and then to meet project deadlines in a competitive and profitable manner.

Observing economic KPIs suggests that many in the industry recognise the importance of customer satisfaction in their mission to flourish in an ever-expanding sector. Albeit small, this is being achieved; a UK Industry Performance Report by Glenigan shows that overall client satisfaction increased by 4% last year. But there is undoubtedly still progress to be made to enable construction businesses to fully exploit industry growth.

Leading the way in construction

At Oneserve, we work with construction companies in both the public and private sector to identify ways of making their operational and administrative processes more efficient. Over the years, we have identified four prominent elements that must work in harmony, if our construction clients are to deliver an optimum, cost efficient customer experience.

1. Consolidate multiple components
The construction industry is complex. Every day you juggle multiple jobs, clients, employees, timescales and budgets. Each of these has its own sub elements; a delay to which will have a knock on effect for the rest of the process. The first step to improving your service delivery and operational performance is to consolidate these procedures and centralise the processes. Construction management software holds all of this data in a single system, connecting each process together efficiently and giving you visibility of each step from a single platform.

2. Schedule intelligently
To ensure projects are completed successfully, in budget, on time and within a client’s specifications, having total visibility of resources is paramount. Oneserve’s scheduling functionality will help ensure the engineer with the right skillset is matched to each job. Your admin and management team will also have real-time visibility of job progress enabling them to monitor performance and react quickly to any delays or changing requirements.

3. Seamlessly connect your team
When you have two teams working in different locations (your site team and your office team) the disconnect can cause silo working and delays. For example, people may do tasks slightly differently, causing inconsistencies and inaccuracies which subsequently cause delays in receiving paperwork, making processes time consuming and ineffective.

Whether you directly employ staff or use subcontractors, Oneserve links your entire team using an intuitive mobile app. Your mobile workforce can access all the information they need to complete each job, using the same app to record all job details, from photographic evidence, to parts usage, to customer satisfaction surveys. Not only does this create an electronic audit trail which is accessible to your office-based team via their dashboard, it also ensures everyone works to the same, most efficient processes. By giving everyone visibility of all the information they need to complete their job productively, your customer service remains consistently high, whilst you reduce costs and inefficiencies.

4. Continually improve your service
The consistency that a field service management software solution brings will undoubtedly improve customer service, but the visibility obtained by storing all of your data in one system will enable you to further improve this service. Oneserve includes a detailed, but intuitive, analytics solution that enables your team to closely monitor KPI performance and quickly unearth areas where cost and operational efficiencies can be made. Once identified, thanks to our low-code solution, you can adjust workflows and processes within the software yourself, so that you can address inefficiencies as quickly as possible.

Improve your project performance with Oneserve

Our construction scheduling platform is a powerful yet easy to use tool, transforming even the most complex service logistics into a highly effective and productive service. Field service management technology has the power to transform service delivery whilst also eradicating unnecessary cost.

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