Facilities management and workforce development

With new facility management practices emerging – how are service management solutions putting the facilities manager behind the wheel?

What will facility management services look like in 5 years time?

With a skills shortage reported by BIFM and concerns over how fresh talent can be attracted into the facilities management industry, the future of the FM services sector looks shaky. Or does it?

We are already beginning to see how facility management is taking on a wider operational role. As more organisations acknowledge property as a profitable asset rather than a short term revenue stream, the growing need for innovative asset lifecycle strategies is diversifying the role of the facility manager.  This is one factor that drives the growing demand for managers with strong data integration skills and robust decision making abilities.

The transference into the digital sphere to support business critical operations broadens the potential skill set of facility management further. Automation, electronic work orders and instant data capture are just a few technological advancements that can add value to facility management. This is achieved through automating daily maintenance logistics, reducing admin time through electrical forms and making critical performance data readily available.

This enables facility managers to spend more working hours focusing on plans to achieve core business objectives and service improvements. What’s more, by giving FM manager real-time visibility over assets, maintenance technicians, client satisfaction and all other critical business components, a more holistic approach which unifies people with the best  processes can be achieved.

FM systems

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software is already well established in the property sector supporting asset management through the standardisation of activities such as reactive maintenance, statutory compliance work and planned preventative maintenance (PPM). By digitising many aspects of facility management, greater efficiencies can be integrated into business process management.

However, with new economic, political and social change creating a mass of uncertainty, is current CAFM technology enough to support the new emerging face of facility management?

How to build a better facility management department

Representative of the diverse relationships they cultivate, the key to up-skilling facility managers is to provide them with intuitive management tools that enable them to flex around changing needs and environments with greater ease, speed and precision.

This can be achieved through leveraging technology that supports the best working environments with self-configuration and real-time visibility across all functions, activities, workforces and assets. By making better knowledge more easily accessible, and the control to implement change when and wherever needed, everyone can begin to work smarter.

This is one of the key elements of a robust change management strategy that sustains a seamless customer service supported by continuous improvement.

Whilst the standard features of CAFM system support facility maintenance by removing daily inefficiencies through automation and process rationalisation, innovative service management software can empower facility managers to go one further by enhancing the way people work. By equipping them with the means to make change their competitive advantage, new opportunities open up for facilities managers to lead the industry forward with new techniques that resolve legacy issues.

Rather than fighting fires, the role of facility management is elevated to a pivotal position of driving service excellence. This could be a critical factor in attracting new talent to the industry whilst helping to raise the standard of professionalism in the property sector.

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