Facilities management: Control costs & increase productivity

Traditionally, effective mobile workforce management boiled down to the ability to control each field service engineer and their movements in the most efficient and reliable way. But with the chronic skills shortage and margins crushed further by regulatory requirements such as the National Living Wage, facilities management companies and maintenance contractors now have to juggle a lot more than just their workforce.

Further more, studies show the government’s austerity drive is making price the main factor for winning contracts. This makes cost cutting a primary focus for property maintenance services and an integral component of field service management.

For service vendors this means finding new ways of working leaner in order to increase their competitive edge – but what impact does this have on the quality of the service provided? As many property managers outsourcing facilities management to service providers have found, cheapness of contract may provide short term savings but fail to deliver genuine improvements in long term productivity.

So how can service organisations get the balance between cost saving and performance enhancing service operations?

Superior management of time, cost and maintenance engineer performance can not only keep operational costs lean but also provide opportunities to increase profitability. Perhaps this is most evidence when we look at the evolving role of the facilities manager.

Business functions that deal with maintaining building systems such as facilities management, are regarded as cost centres. However, with the right data driven technology, opportunities to introduce productivity boosting initiatives are increasingly at the hands of facilities mangers, property management companies and maintenance contractors.

The key is to adopt new approaches, workforce planning and mobile technology that enable the optimisation of workforces, assets and service capabilities.

Human ingenuity – improving not removing jobs
Service management tools and building service software provide new ways of doing things. Rather than replace people, mobile technology can provide better ways of doing things. This means smarter approaches that enable building maintenance companies and facilities managers to effectively manage their mobile workforce, cut costs and streamline their business processes to optimise productivity.

Here are 3 areas technology can be leveraged to achieve better service efficiencies:

Asset Management
Keep capital expenditure down by tracking the status and performance of your assets throughout their lifecycle. From installation, operation, maintenance upgrade and disposal, asset management software captures data from a combination of sources, providing accurate, real time information that can help keep existing systems and equipment running for longer.

What’s more, the ability to store real-time cost history against individual assets, enables teams to stay on top of budgets and support accurate financial planning.

Predictive Maintenance
Strategies to maximise the value of your assets can be greatly enhanced through leveraging accumulated historical information on repairs and warranties when designing accurate cyclical work programmes.

Having such data readily available, improves the effectiveness of planning and automating the scheduling of planned preventative (PPM) programmes and reduces unnecessary repair costs – all whilst ensuring service levels, compliance and risk mitigation are adhered to.

By executing the best PPM programmes, downtime caused by costly breakdowns can be replaced with new opportunities to increase revenue.

Workforce Optimisation
Whether you outsource property maintenance services to vendors or have an in-house maintenance engineer team, real-time interactions are key to optimised workforce productivity and reduced waste.

There are many touch points across service delivery where a collaborative platform enhanced by mobility tools can optimise service operations, helping achieve cost savings and increased profitability.

This can be achieved by investing in field service management software with field mobility apps and intelligent workforce scheduling tools. Selecting the right system will empower your maintenance managers to connect all their field engineers, maintenance technicians, clients and back office staff with all the right information and communication needed to do the best job, on time and on budget.

Oneserve Field service management software empowers building maintenance companies to handle each service request and maintenance schedule with greater speed and expertise. From one user-friendly system, you can better manage, monitor and control mobile working, PPM scheduling, reactive task scheduling and performance reporting.

As a result we’ve helped facilities management companies, property managers, building maintenance companies and field service engineers increase first time fix rates, complete more jobs per day and ultimately increase their profitability significantly.

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