Four steps to improving mobile workforce engagement

Happy employees equal happy customers. It’s an old adage but one which still carries weight. It’s been proven time and time again that satisfied employees result in higher customer satisfaction rates, but the effects of happy employees go far beyond the customer.

Research by Forbes found that revenues increased by an average of 22% for the 2014 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. Meanwhile Warwick University established that happy workers are 12% more productive.

With so much evidence and the direct daily contact frontline staff have with the customer, few can argue against the need to invest in these employees. But due to the often solitary nature of their work, service organisations have a particularly difficult challenge engaging with them.

Oneserve is a mobile workforce management solution which better equips a mobile workforce to enable them to deliver an outstanding customer service. The impact Oneserve has on frontline employees can be broken down into four elements – each vital in the quest for an engaged, highly productive and customer focused workforce.

Four steps to mobile workforce engagement

1. Simplify procedures
Frustration is a major cause of dissatisfaction. If procedures are laboured or unnecessary you instantly risk disengaging your workforce. Through Oneserve you can streamline workflows, adapting them to meet your specific needs so that your employees are provided with the most efficient way of working.

2. Provide easy access to information
The customer may be king but information is fast competing for that crown. With the right information at their fingertips your workforce can complete jobs far quicker and with more confidence. Oneserve is a cloud based, fully mobile solution which means your workforce has instant access to the information they need. They can access job information and service history details on the go and record job progress on their mobile devices.

3. Better align skills
We’ve already highlighted how much frustration can damage morale, but when an operative is instructed to attend a job which they later find they are unable to complete, this frustration escalates into a costly mistake. Our intelligent scheduling solution automatically schedules jobs to the engineer with the best suited skill set. It also takes into account travel time and the parts and stock which might be required, ensuring the right operative attends the right job, at the right time with the right tools and parts.

4. Empower your team
Research shows that operatives with access to their individual performance feel empowered to make a difference. Oneserve not only provides individual dashboards, it also provides you with insight into individual and team performance. Using our analytics solution you can identify areas where performance could be improved and provide the relevant support and training to achieve these improvements.

Well trained happy employees who are invested in their roles will deliver significantly stronger results. With the help of mobile workforce software you can equip and empower your team to meet your organisational goals.

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