Gas compliance and servicing at all time high for social housing provider, One Vision Housing

To coincide neatly with Gas Safety Week 2013, we’re taking a look at our gas servicing and compliance work with social housing provider, One Vision Housing.

One Vision Housing has always advocated for our innovative field service management software. In particular its flexibility and the way they are able to switch on more functionality as the organisation continues to grow.

Introducing a gas servicing work stream proved straightforward and quick to implement – and twelve months on and the feedback couldn’t be better.

Feedback from One Vision Housing

Eric Wignall, Compliance Manager, is extremely happy and recently commented:

“We have now achieved and are maintaining 100% compliance, something that we have never achieved before. Customer satisfaction levels for our gas heating repairs are at an all-time high of 97% and servicing is at 100%.”

How Oneserve supports gas servicing and compliance
Let’s take a closer look at how Oneserve supports the gas process:


Our gas servicing solution enables collaborative working. It offers complete visibility end-to-end with client, contractor, back-office staff, engineers, neighbourhood offices and tenants all accessing and using the system at appropriate points in the processes.

Inbuilt intelligent scheduling

For scheduled servicing, such as annual gas safety checks, jobs are created automatically based on dates. Intelligent scheduling then optimises each appointment by configuring job, resources, workforce availability and drive time. An appointment notification is sent to customers via their chosen method – letter, SMS text or email.

Rescheduling and updates happen in real time with revisions sent directly to each field worker’s mobile device.

Mobile field service app

One Vision’s mobile workforce (Sovini Property Services) was already using our mobile app so it was extremely quick and simple to get them operational with the gas servicing. The beauty of our app is that it is works on any device, so whatever your field workers’ preferences there is no issue with compatibility.

LGSRs (Landlords Gas Safety Records) can be completed on site using the mobile app, which not only saves time but creates an electronic audit trail which meets all compliance requirements.


Using the Oneserve real-time reporting dashboard, users can all collaborate easily and manage the servicing jobs to completion. This involves managing any exceptions which has been a major factor of One Vision Housing’s successful performance.

How our work supports the aims of Gas Safety Week

The anniversary of the implementation of our gas servicing contract with One Vision Housing coincides with Gas Safety Week, 16-22 September 2013. The week aims to raise awareness of gas safety to the 21 million homes across the UK. It urges people to get their gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Landlords are required to carry out gas safety checks on their properties annually: a Gas Safe registered engineer completes the work and provides tenants with a gas safety certificate. One Vision Housing will also carry out a gas safety check on their properties prior to a new tenant moving in.

Using our field service management software and flexible gas servicing solution, One Vision Housing now have in place the systems and processes to ensure a highly-effective gas process for both scheduled servicing and routine gas maintenance. All the while keeping their tenants safe – and at the same time taking customer satisfaction and compliance levels to an all time high.