How important could Field Service Management software be to your business?

Field Service Management Software can go a long way to helping businesses operating with a mobile workforce to increase productivity and efficiency. Through automating operational processes, Field Service Management software can boost productivity within your business by realising efficiencies in workforce management and job scheduling. 

The benefits of optimised job scheduling

Optimised scheduling within Field Service Management software adds an additional level of intelligence to minimise your mobile operative’s drive time and ensure that the most suitable team member is sent to the job. By always marrying the type of work with the required skills, the software selects a mobile worker based on their location, qualifications and van stock. Understanding this information at the time of scheduling the appointment increases the likelihood of the appointment being successfully completed first-time, which in-turn reduces the need for costly additional appointments to complete a job. 

Exceeding customer expectations 

Field Service Management software can facilitate better communication between back office teams, mobile workers and customers because your teams have the tools and information they need to carry out their work more effectively. From alerting customers of appointment times, to scheduling the operative with the right skills to attend a job – each efficiency gain contributes to an increase in service experience. Increases in productivity also mean your team can complete more jobs speeding up your service delivery. Providing a more reliable service in this way is likely to directly result in more satisfied customers. 

Ensuring accurate and compliant working 

By giving your workforce easy access to  the job information they need, you not only enable them to work more efficiently, you also increase accuracy. Predefined processes are followed by everyone in the team which helps to ensure that you consistently capture all the information you need. There is no paperwork and steps in the process can be set to mandatory. Information therefore cannot be mislaid or misinterpreted. 

Your workforce can also access key information on site because all data is stored within one system. This means it is easy to stay up to date with your data capture and compliance responsibilities. With all information inputted directly into the Oneserve mobile app and immediately visible to office staff, you can also be confident that you can quickly and easily demonstrate your compliance.  

To find out more about Field Service Management Software and the benefits a system like Oneserve could deliver to your business, request a free online demo today.