Housing associations; how rent reduction doesn’t mean your hands are tied

Winded by the recent 1% rent reduction hit, the difference between a service organisation that picks itself up and one that falls by the way side, is flexibility.

Flexibility enables housing associations of any size to overcome logistical and regulatory hurdles, without breaking the back of their service operations or overstretching their resources.

But the speed at which housing associations are springing back, is largely down to the efficiency of their processes. Organisations that are still grappling with value for money indicators, are feeling the greatest impact from the blow, as they lack the streamlined agility to make effective improvements, at the speed required

As are a result, private landlords and smaller providers of social housing with shortened communication lines and razor sharp efficiency systems, are able to sprint ahead and gain unfair advantage.

This has a radical impact on the dynamics of the social housing market. Flexing the dichotomy between customer experience and efficiency performance drivers, the need to deliver a hybrid of service excellence which offers true value for money, is forcing larger providers to reassess their structure, in a bid to adopt leaner systems for greater business dexterity.

Cue innovation

Many social housing associations are turning to technology as a spring board for supple manoeuvrability, enabling them to navigate the many obstacles with greater fluidity. This also increases their stamina for growth and continuous improvement, as tighter control and visibility across the whole of their service delivery, fills in the gaps traditionally left by the limited scope of sluggish manual processes.

The added benefits of true mobility, provides superior performance initiatives and better collaboration across workforces, making every head count. Nimble tools for greater workforce agility is evolved further through the concept of Self-Service. Field service management software developed by Oneserve, turns the impetus to bolster service processes, from a brutal necessity to one of evolutionary progression.

Putting the power to adjust to constant flux in the market, in the hands of their customers, Self-Service functionality flows through many features, such as easily configurable tools, accurate performance metrics and highly scalable workforce mobility.

Through providing intuitive workforce tools for optimised service management, Oneserve joins the dots between rising customer expectation and stringent cost margins, drawing a line under inefficiency for any sized business operating in the housing market.

The result, service excellence that stands out in any field.
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