How to effectively analyse data to improve service in the utilities industry

Utility companies have come a long way in terms of what they can offer their customers, providing an unprecedented level of visibility that gives consumers a new-found confidence in the way that they handle and monitor their energy consumption. This does however come with additional pressure to compete and deliver an exceptional service.

The latest Customer Satisfaction Index, carried out by the Institute of Customer Service, revealed that customer satisfaction is lower than last year. Of the 10,000 consumers surveyed, 6,000 responded to questions focused on the utilities sector, so although the drop in satisfaction is only a fractional change, the index presents a clear direction that the utilities industry needs to move in, in order to meet customer expectations.

With the wealth of data owned by the utilities sector, there are plenty of opportunities to address consumer concerns and seek out efficiencies that positively impact customer satisfaction. Below we take a look at some of the most pertinent issues, and how these can be remedied through a smart use of data, informed and actioned by secure utility software.

Centralising your cost data

In order to truly understand the cost of your service delivery, immediate access to job data is required. Managing this from a separate system, or from various paper forms/spreadsheets, could leave you with overwhelming administrative tasks and cause delays. It is also much more likely that you will record inaccurate data.

With Oneserve, all costs are detailed against each maintenance or service job, so you never lose sight of the most up-to-date figures. On top of this, Oneserve can integrate with a variety of systems, including Sage, Xero and QuickBooks, so whether you’re loyal to a certain system or not, you have the option to either create an invoice within Oneserve, or export the data directly into your financial package of choice.

Accountability through audit trails

Audit trails deliver a knock-on effect across your service delivery, offering plenty of opportunities to take advantage of data and increase efficiencies. They will grant your organisation total visibility of each stage involved in a job, and also provide an extra level of protection from a compliance point of view.

Creating and maintaining up-to-date audit trails with Oneserve allows you to instantly understand what parts and resources have been used and where. Building up a picture of a job and/or site in this way leaves little room for error and ensures maintenance jobs can be completed in a timely manner. As well as helping you to record the initial details of a job, right the way through until completion, the true value can be seen in recording asset details, giving you the opportunity to capture information through custom fields, defined by you, and asset surveys.

Transforming your maintenance processes with the Internet of Things

The utilities industry, in many cases, has led the way in harnessing the Internet of Things in their business model. It goes without saying, but exceeding your customers’ expectations makes a huge difference to your profitability; preventing an issue before it occurs, using IoT, therefore makes the implementation of a predictive maintenance model extremely desirable. Practically, this model comes in various forms, although today we are witnessing many utility providers benefiting from ‘digital twinning’. Put simply, this term covers the process of mapping a physical asset, such as a temperature sensor, with a digital platform.

This is where Oneserve can demonstrate its true power. As well as being a platform to record, store and provide analytics functionality, based around the data you’re collecting through sensors for example, the system also covers all field service aspects, allowing you to schedule and monitor maintenance jobs, utilising, but not limited to, the features mentioned above.

To learn more about how Oneserve can improve your customers’ satisfaction, get in touch with our team today and request a free demo.