How to increase operative productivity

When your service is delivered by a workforce that spends most of their day in a van, productivity and service delivery can fluctuate from employee to employee. With so many contributing factors, it can be hard to pinpoint and rectify any inefficiencies.

There are a number of reasons for poor productivity, all of which are a byproduct of a scattered, and therefore difficult to manage, workforce. The most common issues we hear about are:

  1. Time consuming processes – paperwork or data entry cause many headaches, whether that is due to the frustration it takes to enter the information or because data is being omitted.
  2. A lack of information – operatives can sometimes attend a job knowing little about what is required to complete the job. This lack of information means that the job usually takes longer to complete.
  3. Inaccurate timesheets – the temptation to extend the amount of time worked can be too great for some operatives. As such, they can over-exaggerate their workload at times.

The overarching solution to all productivity issues is visibility. With visibility you and your workforce can access the data needed to work efficiently. At Oneserve, we easily rectify the problems highlighted above in the following ways:

One step data entry
Paperwork is removed, with operatives instead using their mobile device to record all information. This ranges from the time they started and finished a job, to photos of the work they carried out, as well as health and safety surveys. All of the information is stored in Oneserve in real time, and accessible to anyone on your team with a Oneserve login.

Standard Forms & Surveys

Data accessibility
Operatives receive their daily job schedule on their mobile and each job has all the relevant information assigned to it, whether that is site access details or service histories. Parts and stock can also be monitored through Oneserve, helping to ensure your operatives have the right parts to hand, further improving the service they deliver.

Adding Parts

Route visibility
Once appointments have been scheduled, your office team can see the routes for each of your operatives on Google maps. You can select how many operatives to view at any one time, and the maps are updated in real time as appointments are added or changed. This visualisation not only helps you to better understand the location of your operatives, it also helps you to react to ad hoc appointment changes and customer queries.

Route View

To find out more about how Oneserve can help you increase operative productivity, request a free demo today.