How to take on the field service management market & win

The field service management market is highly competitive but, with new technology and the right approach, our guide looks at how you can take on the field of service management and win bigger contracts.

In order to grow and sustain market share in field service management, companies managing a mobile workforce need to be able to demonstrate:

  1. Value for money
  2. Reliability
  3. Credibility

These 3 aspects will help build the industry kudos needed to compete with bigger, well established field service management organisations.

How field service software is helping contractors carve out a winning reputation.

Field service management is changing and fast. Thanks to technology such as field mobility solutions, intelligent appointment scheduling and real-time visibility, an even playing field has opened up in which innovative field forces, regardless of size, can gain competitive advantage. As such, we’re seeing smaller, lesser known field service management businesses win big contracts despite fierce competition from larger service providers.

Take property maintenance contractor Gilmartins for example…

Gilmartins realised that in order to win more business, they needed to strengthen their position in the building maintenance and repairs market.

In order to do this, they needed to improve the quality of their service management so they could better demonstrate their credibility, reliability and value for money.

They achieved this through deploying a field service management software that better organised their mobile workforce, back office employees and business processes, so that they could deliver quality maintenance work, on time, on budget and to the exacting standards of every customer.

Value for money
Switching from a manual approach to mobile devices and electronic forms, Gilmartins have been able to reduce overheads and increase field technician productivity. This means they are able to continually pass greater value and customer satisfaction on to their clients.

By mobilising their maintenance engineers with field mobility apps, better quality information flows between each field agent and back office staff in real time. This enables advanced performance reporting across the whole business and the operational control to make immediate improvements wherever and whenever needed.

By transforming the way they book appointments, schedule their mobile workforce and performance manage their field service operations, Gilmartins have won not just new business but also industry recognition. This includes industry accolades from the Housing Innovation Awards and Housing Excellence Awards.

What’s more, partnering with SaaS vendor Oneserve for their service management solution, enables Gilmartins to continually grow alongside their system. This empowers them to secure long term longevity whilst growing their market share.

“It’s David and Goliath stuff. Partnering with Oneserve has enabled us to win work against the odds – against some of the big players.”

Want to find out how you too can grow your field service management market share, whilst boosting your bottom line? Why not request a free software demo here or call our field experts on 01392 367 367 today.