An introduction to Business Process Management

We can’t predict with a 100% certainty what changes will hit the market, which new regulations may compound our industry or how customers’ needs will continue to diversify. We can however, strengthen our ability to adapt with greater speed and ease. Business Process Management (BPM) is a relatively modern concept that when adopted correctly can significantly bolster a business’ resilience and ability to exploit new opportunities.

Business process management basics

Business process management (BPM) refers to techniques and methodologies for generating long term business value through process optimisation. There are many different approaches and bpm tools – all carrying their own benefits and limitations. However, perhaps a common thread that unifies all approaches is the systematic diligence placed on processes for accomplishing specific organisational objectives.

As most overarching business objectives can be boiled down to saving money and increasing business profitability, processes can be systematically designed, executed and monitored to support these goals by organising business activities into the most effective and efficient workflows.

The realisation that processes are not just essential for ensuring the effective the day to day running of a business but are also a device for achieving larger strategic objectives, has lead to a boom in the market for bpm software and professional services.

One fundamental way BPM systems can make like easier for your mobile workforce and customers is through removing monotonous paper procedures and automating time consuming activities. However, without a fundamental understanding of your business requirements and clearly defined objectives, many businesses fail to achieve the most ROI on their software investment.

To ensure you don’t fall down the same route, we’ve compiled some business process management resources that provide some best practice tips to increase your success rate.

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