Maintaining compliance as a Social Housing Landlord

The social housing sector finds itself at a tangible juncture whereby regulatory, operational and societal pressures are increasing to the point where change has become a fundamental necessity. None so more than the need to evidence and become more compliant.

The Hackitt Report, The Government’s Green Paper: A new deal for social housing, the National Housing Federation’s new Charter and the Homes (Fitness for Habitation) Act 2018 all call for greater compliance and the need to evidence repairs and maintenance more effectively. Never before has providing a clear audit trail of all works carried out been more important for the social housing sector.

Investing in new technology can help alleviate some of the compliance and evidence burdens social housing landlords face. Oneserve’s Field Service Management software provides a solution that reduces many manual processes involved in scheduling housing repairs and maintenance work, whilst also automatically delivering a complete audit trail against every job.

Oneserve makes evidencing compliance as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Your workforce is brought together through the unified working processes that Oneserve delivers through its desktop and mobile apps. This enables your back office team and mobile workers to work together in the same way, ensuring you consistently capture and record the exact data that your organisation requires in real-time. Your office team is provided with immediate visibility of the ongoing progress of jobs, as well as immediate access to any data captured on-the-job such as completed forms & surveys and visual evidence, which enables compliance to be proven quickly and with ease.
  2. As jobs, such as repairs and maintenance works, are created and scheduled within the software a real-time record of all activity carried out against that job is created and recorded. Recurring compliance appointments, such as the annual Landlord Gas Safety Record, can also be automatically scheduled through the software and appointment letters auto-created and sent out to tenants, followed by scheduled SMS reminders if required. This functionality helps to ensure that you always remain up-to-date with your compliance obligations.
  3. Through the Oneserve Mobile App visual evidence such as photographs and signatures can be captured and recorded against the job. Forms and surveys such as Risk Assessments and Landlord Gas Safety Certificates can be easily completed through a few taps of your operatives’ phones. These forms and surveys can also be made mandatory, meaning work on the job cannot commence until they are completed. This gives you greater control over the accuracy of the on-the-job data captured.

To find out more about how Oneserve can support you in meeting your ongoing compliance obligations as a Social Housing landlord, please call us on 01392 927021 or request a free demo.