Making the leap from preventative to predictive maintenance

The field service management industry is seeing a current trend towards investing in planned preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance can often deliver greater efficiency and lower costs, but can we be doing even more?

Through advanced analytics and modelling tools, we can take preventative maintenance one step further. Predictive maintenance takes a slightly different approach – rather than taking action to prevent a possible breakdown, predictive maintenance will identify when a failure is likely to occur so the necessary repairs can be carried out before the breakdown actually happens. This shortens the time from failure detection to intervention, maximises the ability to detect true events, and minimises false alerts, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

This kind of predictive analysis becomes even more powerful when it is coupled with data sources like machine sensors which can constantly measure and record data. Once collated, the data will be an extremely rich source of information which you can use to create a deep understanding of performance per component over a specific timeframe. With this information you can then evaluate whether a reactive, planned or predictive approach will be most effective.

Analytics is a key component of predictive maintenance, but its reach goes far beyond the efficiency of your maintenance programme. With the business insight now available, analytics can be used to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase profitability, improve customer and employee engagement and transform business operations as a whole. The possibilities are vast.

Download our white paper ‘The Metrics that Matter: How actionable analytics can transform field service management performance’ to discover more about how you can use analytics to improve your service organisation.