Oneserve’s Low-code solution to Field Service Software

We’re frequently told that many Field Service Management systems around the world are challenging to use, expensive to implement and costly to maintain. We don’t believe that’s right.

We believe that SaaS is supposed to support us and our businesses, but all too often, we’re being enslaved by out-of- date systems that constantly need expensive maintenance and support.

Why? We wouldn’t expect to call out a mechanic every time we needed to make a turn in our cars, so why should Field Service Management Software be any different. We don’t believe it has to be.

Our objective is clear; robust, flexible and usable software that transforms data into knowledge, generates significant efficiencies and delivers exceptional customer experience, all with one key difference; Self-Service.

For us, Self-Service is the ability for a company to truly own the software they purchase as a service; something that they can implement, configure, amend and evolve without the constant need for us.

What does this mean for Service Providers? Simply, it means more control at less cost.

We provide a full and award winning enterprise Field Service Management solution that is powerful, easy to use, simple to configure and quick to implement; either supported by ourselves, or by you. It might be our software, but it’s your business.

Oneserve does not take away the personality of your organisation or restrict your employees’ ability to use their own initiative. What it does do, however, is provide you with the means to work smarter, collaborate better and perform more efficiently; things that are important to us and indeed you.

Being different to us isn’t about re-inventing the wheel, it’s about making it more accessible, more effective and, well, better.

As a result, we’ve helped our existing customers improve the quality of their service and achieve significant growth, despite a tough economic climate and challenging stakeholder demands.

What’s more, rather than growing apart, our agile software is designed to flex alongside you. This ensures our suite of intuitive tools remain relevant to your needs, no matter how big or complex your client base evolves to.

From intelligent scheduling right through to customisable reporting, our field service management provides a powerful system that keeps your core strengths at the forefront of your service.

To find out more about our solutions, request a demo, or call our friendly sales team on 01392 354336.