Calls to simplify Gas Safety Regulations in social housing

The difficulty of complying with legal obligations, when it comes to gas servicing, has once again been brought to the forefront, following the release of a report by the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG) last week.

The report calls for the adoption of an MOT-style of servicing for gas appliances in social housing, which would allow landlords a six week window to complete the annual Gas Safety Record before the certification expires. At present there is no leeway, forcing many landlords to start the process well before the renewal date in order to gain access in time to meet their statutory requirements. Research from the report shows that gaining access can take up to four months, with some landlords having to resort to costly legal action to access properties.

What’s more, due to the need to start the process early, many landlords find they are completing 10-month service programmes. This leads to an extra service being carried out every six years, adding to the already expensive process.

The release of this report takes social landlords one step closer to a simpler and more cost effective way of ensuring legal compliance. But even if the Government acts on the report, it will be some time until the law is changed. Social landlords must therefore seek other avenues to make the process more efficient.

Oneserve Field service management software is one such solution. Oneserve is proven to reduce repeat visits thanks to our call centre diagnostics and Intelligent scheduling software. One client has improved appointments made at first contact from 45% to 98%. In addition to improving access to properties, our software is fully mobile so operatives can complete Landlord Gas Safety Records (LGSRs) on their mobile devices. This not only saves time but also creates an electronic audit trail to evidence compliance.

Sovini use Oneserve to coordinate their LGSRs and once the software had been integrated into their processes, their Compliance Manager said:

“We have now achieved and are maintaining 100% compliance, something that we have never achieved before.”

Read more about our relationship with One Vision Housing and Sovini in our Sovini case study.

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