Rethinking data and transforming service delivery within Local Authorities

Local Authorities continue to experience financial pressure but all the while expectations are to maintain, if not improve, performance. Delivering projects efficiently has therefore become a tremendous responsibility.

One competent aid to this dilemma, is to embrace the value of data as an asset. With comprehensive analytics in place, Local Authorities would have the power to positively affect decision-making across their entire authority, most importantly at an early stage in the decision-making process. Analysing data thoroughly and responding appropriately ultimately reduces risks, as well as costs, uncovering inefficiencies that otherwise may be hiding in plain sight.

Where can you take advantage of data within your organisation?

By enlisting the support of digital technologies, Local Authorities can create new insight that truly takes advantage of the data held within their organisation. Some examples of what could be achieved include:

Access to data that is relevant to your different teams
One of the greatest data challenges is sifting through the data to find what is relevant. By selecting software that has customisable dashboards you can be specific and only analyse the data that holds the most value. Furthermore, these dashboards can be emailed to relevant members of the team, displaying varying levels of complexity depending on what each individual needs to know. This versatility makes managing big data a far more efficient and effective process.

Identify and mitigate risk with speed
By collecting and analysing data in near real-time you can quickly identify efficiency flaws. Without digital analytics, organisations have to manually collate and interrogate data which can sometimes take weeks, if not months. With the data at your fingertips and displayed in dashboards or charts, the analysis will take place quickly and precisely, leaving little room for ambiguity.

Equip your mobile workforce with productivity boosting technology
By holding data in a single system you instantly have the ability to improve the working practices of your team. Using mobile devices, you can automatically schedule jobs and give your operatives access to the information they need to carry out their jobs productively. Put simply, they can spend more time on what they do and less time on administrative tasks and travel.

Leverage approval mechanisms to support compliance
By digitalising all data capture you can do away with a reliance on paperwork and thus speed up the approval process. Internal sign offs are expedited through the use of digital forms, accessible to both your mobile workforce and back office staff. This significantly increases efficiencies and produces an accurate electronic audit trail.

Selecting the right solution
The key to achieving all of the above is to select a digital technology that provides you with the right balance of flexibility and control. Furthermore, the software needs to be user-friendly and customisable, ensuring maximum adoption and quick results.

At Oneserve, our field service management software has given our local government clients the tools to quickly increase their output at a lower cost, simply by encouraging collaboration through accurate data collation and dissemination. Request a demo today to see how Oneserve could help you achieve more for less.