Rugby Borough Council tackles tenant services head on with Oneserve

Rugby Borough Council (RBC) has brought on board Oneserve to help with the continuous improvement of its property services.

The council provides strategic housing and planning services for the town of Rugby and surrounding areas as well as wider environmental services, council tax collection, housing benefits amongst other services. It is a stock-holding authority with around 3,800 homes for social rent in one of the fastest growing towns in the UK. This growth has lead to an increasingly high demand for housing of all tenures.

The council needed a new IT system to support its continuous improvement plan for property services. With no legacy system in place, RBC needed a solution that was able to provide a flexible, customer-focused system, that would provide the team sufficient data that could track continually how well it had performed in relation to customer demand. As part of the improvement programme, the council had held regular feedback sessions with customers who had outlined their priorities. They had highlighted the need for a service that allowed them to easily choose a day and time for the team to come and resolve an issue, and for it to be a durable (first time) fix.

Alongside this, the Housing and Property team at Rugby also needed to ensure the best possible value for money from its IT investment. With budgetary strains on the public sector meaning that any outlay had to show a real and tangible value for money for tenants and the local population.

Raj Chand, Head of Communities and Homes at Rugby Borough Council said. “The success of the solution will be measured not only by its ability to meet the customer demand and reduce costs, but critically through its ability to impart data as needed, change flexibly as customers’ needs change and be integrated easily with other systems, such as those that enable customers to interact digitally with the service.”

Chris Proctor, CEO at Oneserve commented. “We are delighted to be helping Rugby Borough Council with this project. The public sector is under real pressure to continue to provide excellent front line services within increasingly difficult budgetary restraints. The frustration of multiple site visits, often at inconvenient times has been a constant problem for councils up and down the country. Rugby’s commitment to its tenants and providing a time and cost efficient process, that helps both its engineers, field workers and tenants themselves is admirable. We are confident that we will be able to provide the tools that allow the Building and Property team to ensure a continuous improvement in its service, whilst providing real-time, relevant data that helps prove this.

“Ultimately the solution needs to prove its worth. Delivering our solution over a SaaS based model allows us to give them exactly what they want, when they want it, whilst giving them the flexibility to be able to adapt and change alongside their tenants needs, without having to provide large amounts of costly, and often unnecessary professional services,” concluded Proctor.

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