The service management industry: Are customers always right?

If we all acknowledge that the customer isn’t always right, why is this mantra still so widely used? The best answer to this lies in the statistics – research by B2B International shows that for every 1% increase in customer satisfaction, a company can expect a 12% increase in profitability. So yes, the customer isn’t always right, but if you make them think they are, your business will be far more successful.

But how do you achieve optimal customer satisfaction? Businesses can not afford to just say “yes”, instead we all need to have a deep rooted understanding of customer expectations, now and in the future. Research into B2B customer experience from Walker shows that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

One joined up approach

To meet these heightened expectations, everybody in your organisation needs to work towards the same customer satisfaction goal. It is no longer just the job of those working on the frontline. But when you are managing multiple customers, jobs, sites and employees you are faced with a mammoth customer service challenge.

In this instance, technology is your closest ally. Service management software doesn’t just schedule jobs, it gives your entire team the visibility and tools they need to meet customer expectations. Your call centre team can immediately access customer data, your frontline team can access and record job details in real time and your management team has immediate access to key customer statistics, enabling you to monitor and respond quickly.

Customers want even more

Delivering a responsive, knowledgeable service is a good starting point, but B2B customers are becoming far more informed and in charge of the experience they receive. Moving forward, an immediate resolution to their problem will not be fast enough. Instead, customers will expect you to proactively address their needs.

Cue predictive maintenance.

With the help of sensors, IoT and AI, Oneserve infinite, our predictive service management solution, will predict a failure before it happens. Your customers will no longer have to alert you when a fault has occurred. Instead you’ll be able to fix the problem before they experience any downtime. Being responsive will be a thing of the past and your customers will receive a customer experience that goes far beyond their expectations.

The potential is endless

Discover how you can start providing the next generation of customer service by finding out more about our predictive service management solution here.