The 3 key benefits of Scheduling Software

For organisations who manage multiple sites, scheduling your engineers’ time effectively across jobs can be a time consuming and challenging task. There are several factors that need to be considered to effectively schedule jobs for a mobile workforce, from the location of the individual to the skills and materials they have available. If this process relies on manual scheduling procedures, it will be open to human error and human judgement, and subsequently inefficiencies will start to creep in.

Inefficient scheduling can often lead to jobs taking longer to complete, customer satisfaction dropping and overall business productivity reducing. If your mobile workforce aren’t effectively using their time or the wrong person is sent to a job, with the wrong experience and tools, more repeat visits will be required at the detriment to your customers’ expectations and your own bottom line.

By introducing scheduling software to your organisation, you can overcome these common challenges by having an automated job scheduling process. Below we discuss just some of the benefits job scheduling software could bring your organisation.

1. Reduced administration

One of the key benefits of scheduling software is having the ability to cut time spent on administration and increase the accuracy of your job scheduling. Oneserve’s job scheduling software takes into account a variety of information, from engineers’ skills and experience, to the parts and stock held in their van, as well as their current geographical location. The scheduler uses this information to link the most suitable engineer to each job, ensuring a highly efficient schedule without the need for your office based teams to manually search for this information before booking an engineer onto a job.

2. Progress visibility

From booking in a job, through to job completion, all information is held within one system that can be accessed by all relevant teams. Your mobile workforce are able to update job progress with notes, pictures, forms and signatures via the Oneserve Mobile App, whilst your office based teams have instant access and a full audit trail of the job, to monitor these key pieces of information. This allows your teams to communicate more effectively and subsequently deliver a better service to your end customers by ‘getting it right first time’. Through Oneserve key communications to end customers can also be automated to provide them with better visibility of the progress of works being carried out.

3. Increased productivity

Oneserve’s job scheduling software optimises your scheduling process, minimising drivetime and boosting your teams’ productivity. By always matching the right engineer to a job, your first time fix rates will increase and the number of costly repeat appointments will reduce.

Job scheduling software will eradicate inefficiencies within your current manual scheduling process, reducing wasted business costs and helping to improve your customer satisfaction levels. To find out how Oneserve could benefit your organisation, request a demo today or visit our website for more information.