The Trouble with Field Service Workflows

It can be difficult to successfully implement efficient workflows – but doing so has great benefits.

The very nature of a mobile workforce means that employees are scattered in multiple locations, often reliant on limited information and faced with constant pressure of meeting customer expectations. 

Do your employees air their frustrations at having to circumnavigate clunky processes? Have you identified silos where teams of people have instigated their own “better” ways of working? Are your processes bulging under the pressure of keeping up with your evolving organisation?

These are all common issues which are accentuated in the field service management industry and they highlight why it can be so difficult to successfully implement efficient field service workflows.

Before you can improve workflows you need to identify the hurdles that stand in your way. These hurdles come in various shapes and sizes and it’s fair to say there are enough of them to defy a hurdling athlete at peak fitness! Nevertheless, these are the most common issues that prevent workflows from running smoothly:

  • Inaccurate or incomplete data
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Wasted or prolonged trips
  • Lost work orders and invoices

If you think through each of these scenarios there is an overriding link between them – a lack of visibility:

  • If engineers don’t have visibility of service history they cannot complete a job efficiently
  • If office staff do not know when a job is complete they cannot process the invoice
  • If schedulers do not have visibility of each operative’s skillset they cannot assign the right engineer to a job

So it would appear visibility is the golden ticket. Or at least, it’s the first step to solving your workflow woes. The step that enables you to gather information, identify workflow issues, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, instigate change and monitor ongoing performance.

The field service industry is complex. Without streamlined and structured workflows you cannot maximise productivity or achieve optimal service excellence. And without visibility, any adjustments you make to your workflows will be based on guesswork – a tactic that in today’s data-driven world is ineffective.

Oneserve is the perfect tool to optimise your field service workflows. It allows you to create and optimise workflows bespoke to your business while providing real-time visibility over all operations – from job information on operatives’ mobile devices, to real-time job information in the office and analytics dashboards for management. Every stakeholder involved in the delivery of your service has sight of the information they need.

Interested in seeing how Oneserve can help your business? Find out more and request a demo of our end-to-end field service solution here.