Oneserve named in global Top 20 Field Service Industry influencer list

We are extremely proud to announce that we have been named in the #fsn20, the Top 20 global influencers in the Field Service Management market.

This is a remarkable feat and a major accolade to receive for an organisation that just a year ago sat in a relatively niche position, but we have now been recognised as one of the emerging superpowers of the sector.

The list of industry influencers is put together by a committee of industry insiders who are given the simple criteria of identifying those who will have a significant impact on field service thinking.

Here at Oneserve, we truly believe that over the course of the last year, we have made quite an impact on the field service sector. We have made huge growth in terms of income, customer wins and average contract size, and we have now pushed into new sectors.

We have challenged the industry to pull the field service sector in line with what customers are crying out for. We recognised that our true SaaS offering which provides free quarterly updates, closer matches customer expectations because our customers do not incur hugely expensive professional services. We have also been at the forefront of the debate around local government IT procurement, encouraging a new approach to the way the public sector deals with purchasing IT services.

The last year has culminated in the identification of a highly beneficial new area of technology as Chris Proctor, our CEO at Oneserve explained:

“The last year has seen a great team effort from everyone at Oneserve. We have made a lot of large, positive changes to the way we work, who we work with and the direction we want to head in. Coming from a relatively niche position a year ago, to now being seen as one of the superpowers in the sector, shows just what an amazing job the team has done.

“More than that we’ve been determined to make an impact on an industry that has, frankly, sat on its hands for too many years, without taking a deeper look at what the customer is saying to them. The world has moved on and customer’s expectations of their IT solutions has moved on too. As part of that, the next 12 months is going to see more dramatic change here at Oneserve. We are going to be offering customers the same great flexible, innovative approach to FSM as we have done over the past year, but also now embrace and utilise, the latest technological advances such as IoT, AI and Big Data.

“We are going through a time of rapid change that is going to bring us a plethora of new opportunities, some of which we could not have even considered just a few months ago. I hope that during this time we can continue to encourage change within our industry and ensure that our customers have the very best technology and service possible.”

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