Managing a Mobile Workforce

Managing a mobile workforce efficiently can be a challenge. It can be hard to manage their time, keep track of jobs, stock, invoices and jobs but if each of these aren’t managed effectively, they can have a negative impact on the whole organisation as precious time is lost, inefficiencies are created and productivity is reduced.

How Can Field Service Management Software Help With Mobile Workforce Management?

Field Service Management Software enables you to efficiently manage your mobile workforce through one tool. This helps to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction, whilst also making it easier to monitor compliance and industry regulations. More specifically, Field Service Management Software can help overcome some of the common struggles of managing a mobile workforce, such as:

1. Planning

A Field Service Management system can significantly help to reduce manual planning time, streamlining processes and increasing productivity within the workforce. Oneserve’s Optimised Scheduler automatically finds the most efficient sequence for your appointments whilst ensuring the right operative is assigned to each job. This enables your organisation to realise ongoing efficiency improvements that free up your back-office resources and reduce overall drive time – something that is hugely important when it comes to mobile workforce management.

2. Communication

Poor communication between mobile workers and back office teams not only impacts efficiencies, but also the customer experience. Oneserve’s mobile app allows you to provide your teams with complete visibility of your service delivery. Your office based teams and mobile workers will have full sight of the information they need to complete their jobs inline with customer expectations. This will not only allow you to reduce inefficiencies, it will also provide a clear line of communication between your teams and the customer, helping you deliver an exceptional service.

3. Evidence

Although it’s a key aspect of managing any workforce, capturing accurate and consistent data can prove to be especially difficult when managing a mobile workforce.

Oneserve simplifies your on-the-job data capture process, introducing a consistent method for capturing the information that is important to your business. Using the Oneserve mobile app, your operatives will consistently and accurately collect information in real-time. From customer satisfaction surveys to health & safety assessments, you will gather all the information you need to operate efficiently, whilst evidencing compliance and delivering service excellence.

4. Growth

The increased productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction that a Field Service Management system can bring often leads to improved business growth. Oneserve’s analytics and reporting function provides full visibility of the data behind each job, allowing you to review profitability, reduce costs and increase revenue further. Having access to these key metrics enables your organisation to improve processes and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. The software is flexible and scalable, so it can adapt to changing needs and monitor different metrics as your organisation and it’s mobile workforce develops.

5. Security

Using a cloud-based Field Service Management tool has the benefit of protecting against data loss and providing a full audit trail if there is a security breach. A good Field Service Management System will also securely integrate with an array of third party suppliers to provide you with a complete workforce planning solution.

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