How to turn good field service into outstanding service

Service management practices have evolved and so too have customer expectations.

In Field Service News, Analyst Aly Pinder from Aberdeen Group, writes:

“No longer can the field team solely be reactive or leave a customer site without resolving the issue. Customers are more knowledgeable and can amplify a bad experience to a global network of peers. Top performers understand happy customers renew service contracts, buy more offerings and refer new business.”

So what can service businesses do to ensure they provide the best customer experience and subsequently build successful client relationships?

Here’s our guide to effectively managing all your key stakeholders needs to provide happy customers, motivated mobile workforce and a healthy profit margin.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

According to Aberdeen Group’s State of Service research, customer satisfaction is the top metric we should all be focussing on. Therefore, it makes sense to capture, record and continually monitor customer feedback in order to ensure your service fulfils the expectations of your clients. Customer satisfaction surveys are a highly effective tool that are widely adopted by businesses who continually put customers at the heart of their business.

Automated Paper-Processes

Recording ‘on the job’ information is essential for your internal processes. However, lengthy form filling and paper administration can hold up the efficiency of your service. This may lead to delays and fuel customer frustrations. Swapping paperwork for fast automated work orders, ensures critical job information is accurately recorded in the most efficient way. This frees up your field engineers’ time, meaning they can spend less time pencil pushing and more time fixing the problem in hand.

High First Time Fix Rates

Thanks to efficient scheduling software and mobile workforce apps, many service companies are able to respond quickly to service call outs, dispatching resources with greater speed. But as customer expectations continue to rise, fast appointments are no longer enough to differentiate service excellence. Field service providers looking to gain competitive advantage are turning their attention to faster resolution of problems, aspiring to high first time fix rates.

To achieve this, the amount of variables a service manager need to factor into their service dispatch widens to include selecting field technicians with the right skills, tools and parts to get the job completed on first visit. Whilst for many this may still seem like a logistical headache, businesses looking to step up to the mark of service excellence are leveraging the advantages of field service management software to exceed the expectations of their customers.

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