Using technology to augment the contractor workforce

There is little doubt that technology will play an ever-increasing role in the contracting industry. But recently, these conversations have heightened.

Construction News and Autodesk recently completed a board-level panel discussion regarding how technology will alter the contracting landscape by 2030. The takeaway from this so far is that those in the contractor industry have the option to become early adopters, or remain tentative and potentially miss out on opportunities.

There are indeed differing degrees of technology that the industry can now consider. But one aspect that should take priority is how technology can be used to make operational improvements.

Advancements in IoT and field service management technology are starting to play larger roles in a contractor’s day-to-day job processes. Below we go into detail regarding some of the stand out areas where technology, specifically field service management software, can truly augment the skills possessed and employed by your workforce.

Intuitive workflow management: optimising your workforce’s job processes

Forward-thinking contractors will always be looking to optimise the underlying processes, i.e., the workflows, that define their organisation’s job processes.

A well-constructed workflow will ensure continuity as operatives go through the processes of managing their jobs, but it will also give you complete visibility of your entire service delivery. This is as much about improving the standards of your operatives, and the way they work, as it is about improving customer service.

Field Service Management Software gives your operatives a clear process to follow, right from the moment a job is created, thanks to the efficient workflows it can facilitate.

However, this isn’t all about productivity and efficiencies; it also allows your organisation to make decisions, informed by hard data, with minimal risk.

Predictive maintenance: transforming your use of data

One of the most useful metrics available to your organisation is your operational data. From the performance of machinery, to the performance of your back office teams and field operatives, operational data has the ability to transform the way you create efficiencies. Data must however be analysed in the right way, and it is partly through predictive maintenance that your team will be able to achieve this.

IoT sensors placed inside machinery, combined with AI and deep learning, gather operational data, which is then used to identify patterns. Should any parts show wear and tear, these issues can be identified early, before any downtime has occurred. This provides a clear picture of your assets, enabling your team to identify issues and deploy real-time solutions, which means cost savings in the long run. With these findings, you can understand how your assets can run more efficiently.

This does of course only scratch the surface of what’s possible in the construction industry, with AI applications being feasible during the planning, administration, completion and post-completion stages of a job. However, the result is always the same; an empowered, more efficient workforce, delivering a high level of service to your customers.

Collaborative working: connecting your workforce

Establishing collaborative practices is paramount in the contracting industry, because the very nature of the industry is defined by bringing together a number of diverse disciplines.

Through field service management software comes the ability to centralise information and processes in a way that unites your teams. Everything is recorded in real-time which gives everyone one version of the truth and a central driver for performance and service excellence. This also extends to subcontractors – by giving them access to the same data they can adhere to the job processes defined by your organisation, maintaining the service excellence you have achieved through your core team. This gives everyone more time to focus on what matters most: their skills-based duties.

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