Utilising software to bring stability in a period of uncertainty

Six months after the collapse of Carillion and the contractor’s market still remains somewhat unsettled. In a recent review of the previous 12 months, conducted by Building, it was found that, “The country’s 10 biggest contractors made a combined margin of less than half a percent on turnover of £31bn […] which works out at a margin of just 0.38%, down from 1.09% last year…” These figures highlight the ongoing pressures faced within the contracting industry and emphasise the importance of unearthing further efficiencies.

Going hand-in-hand with efficiencies is the successful delivery of projects. If customer expectations, financial targets and project requirements are all met, or better still, exceeded, efficiencies will be intrinsically linked. To help maximise the profitability of projects, many contractors utilise Field Service Management Software. Such software provides consistency, visibility and efficiency throughout the entire service delivery process.

At Oneserve, we have witnessed first hand the benefits Field Service Management Software can bring to contractors. Listed below are three particular aspects of the software which have helped contractors locate efficiencies, deliver exceptional service and provide their team with the agility required for business growth.

1. Customisable Workflows

In order for your business to adapt to changing market and customer demands, your processes need to adjust quickly, without cost or disruption. Oneserve provides customisable workflows which not only mean your team work to the same process, but, due to the customisable nature, you can amend, hone and improve your processes with ease.

As your processes are put into action, your team has visibility of every stage, helping them to monitor performance and address operational issues or inefficiencies.

2. Client and Contractor Portal

Ensuring each party involved in your contracts has the information they need, both from a client point of view, to monitor project performance, and a subcontractor point of view, to record job data, can make all the difference to a project’s success. This can be done most effectively through tailored client and contractor portals. Your clients will receive the transparency and attention they require to be satisfied, without you having to implement additional, laborious administrative processes. Subcontractors will also be able to work easily using the same workflows as your internal operatives. Depending on the resources you have available, they can also use their portal to view important documentation, potentially avoiding lengthy Q&A threads that could, for example, cause delays due to absences.

With everyone using the same system, you are given complete visibility, in real time, of each project’s progress and each subcontractor’s performance. Combine this information with other relevant KPIs and you’ll always find yourself ready to make decisions at the right time, so as to ensure maximum efficiency.

3. Parts & Stock Management

Keeping an accurate and secure record of the parts and stock being used by your business is vital to ensuring revenue is not lost through misplaced inventory. This works in two ways; you don’t want to be under ordering parts, but you also don’t want to be over ordering either. This functionality gives you visibility of your entire team’s parts and stock levels in real time, also affording your field-based teams the ability to request parts as and when they need them, which can be attributed to specific jobs.

Oneserve takes a holistic approach to parts and stock management, integrating with many suppliers, including Travis Perkins and Buildbase, which provides you with the continued ability to manage everything within one system.

When combined, these three features give you the power to implement data-driven actions in real time. But that’s only the beginning – with Oneserve, you can create a tailored system that’s both unique to, and built around, your workflows and set-up. From operative tracking to analytics, our contractor software ensures you’re prepared for industry changes with a flexible system at the heart of your organisation.

To learn more about how Oneserve can transform your processes and secure your future, request a free demo with our team today.