What can service organisations learn from the internet?


On this day in 1991, Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web to the public; such is its impact that it’s almost impossible to consider life without it. What can service organisations learn from its success?

Aside from the luxuries and distractions it’s brought to our personal lives, it has also had a profound impact on the way we work, the way we engage with our clients and the expectations those clients hold us to.

As such; it now facilitates business critical assets that can help drive down costs, improve the customer experience and provide us with actionable insights that facilitate continual growth.

Here are the top three ways the Internet can help your business:


The internet’s trump card. The internet has enabled people to share knowledge at an unprecedented level, the sharing of which has enriched or empowered the individual user.

The same concept needs to be present in field services. By encouraging your team – from front line operatives to the accounts team and third party influencers such as suppliers and contractors – to work collaboratively you can deliver a consistent, highly efficient service.


As customer needs change, the internet adapts without affecting performance. Take smartphones as an example – when they were invented they were integrated with the internet’s existing capabilities without disrupting the existing service.

As well as having the ability to predict future demands and realign your business to best meet your customer’s needs, you need a flexible field service management solution which will adapt to both your customer’s changing needs and your own changing business needs. In today’s fast-paced world, flexibility is an essential element of every service organisation.

Actionable and Accessible Analysis

The internet provides users with the information necessary to continually improve, whether that is in a personal aspect such as scientific research on how to lead a healthier life, or from a business point of view such as the ability to carry out competitor analysis.

As a service provider you need to harness the power of the data you collate within your business. Converting this data into actionable insights is the biggest challenge but once achieved, you will have the fact-based information you need to continually identify opportunities to improve your business.

Oneserve provides mobile workforce management software which encourages collaboration, adapts to changing business needs and delivers the tools necessary to provide you with accurate knowledge of performance and opportunities.

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