What visibility means to your workforce

Visibility is a word frequently banded around in business and its significance can often be undervalued, particularly in organisations who rely upon a mobile workforce to deliver their service.

For these organisations, the first thought when considering visibility is usually having sight of what the remote workforce is doing. And rightfully so, this does provide huge value, but the benefits born from visibility are far greater, and they differ depending on your role in the organisation. In order to gain optimum visibility, you need to take each role into consideration and find a solution that is going to meet everyone’s needs. With this holistic view, you can not only deliver service excellence, but also continually improve operational efficiency.

Who needs visibility and what does it mean to them?

Call handlers

Usually the first port of call for your customers so these first impressions are critical. For your customer service representatives to give confidence and reassure your customers, transparency is essential. They need access to data to answer customer queries, and they need to process and communicate job bookings effectively. To achieve this they require:

  1. Historical and current data – they need immediate access to past jobs to provide advice and to help them diagnose, but they also need access to current job progress to provide real-time updates as required.  
  2. Sight of existing schedules – once the call handler has established that a new job needs to be booked in, they need visibility of all current bookings so that they can quickly and easily schedule the new job in. With the right service management software in place, they can schedule work automatically at a click of a button, leaving the system to select the most suited engineer and time to achieve optimum efficiency.
  3. Engineer location – with sight of engineer location and daily schedules, the office team can adapt to last minute requirements or changes, such as emergency appointments or staff sickness. With this visibility, customers will receive  service excellence and the process to maintain this service consistency will be simple and efficient.

Site engineers and operatives

It is your mobile workforce that are able to demonstrate the effects that increased visibility throughout your organisation can have. Typically, this displays as improved customer experience because everyone across the organisation has had sight of the information they need to do their job more effectively. But to complete this loop of visibility, and to give your field team the tools they need to deliver this service excellence, they have their own visibility requirements.

  1. Job histories – knowledge is power. With access to previous job data and notes about the site, your team will have the insight they need to complete a job more productively.
  2. Recording data – keeping a record of jobs is critical in today’s compliance-focused world. By providing your engineers with a step-by-step process that gives them all the online forms they need to record the correct data, you will not only ensure you have the information you need to prove compliance and liaise confidently with customers, you will also give your frontline team a more productive way of working.
  3. Stock management – completing a job the first time will not only reduce operational costs, it is also a large contributor to customer satisfaction levels. But to do this, your team must all have access to the right stock and parts. With the right system, your team could not only have sight of stock levels, but they could also have the ability to directly reorder parts as they use them, sending requests straight through to their suppliers.

Management team

With the rest of the team set up to benefit from optimum visibility, you will want to evidence this service excellence and operational efficiency whilst also identifying any future improvements. When your entire team is using a single system to record data you have all the information you need in a single system. With an intuitive and powerful analytics solution at your fingertips, you can access dashboards and build bespoke reports to give you the data you need to not only monitor performance, but to also improve that performance.

With this level of visibility prevalent across your organisation, you will have efficient processes and service excellence. But beyond this, the immediacy of the data available, will give you the adaptability to respond to changing demands and to harness market opportunities.

If you are considering how your organisation can transform their working process into a more efficient solution with visibility benefiting the entire workforce, book a free no obligation demo today.