Advanced Heating Wales

Advanced Heating Wales supply and maintain plumbing and heating equipment for both private and commercial customers, operating with 60 employees. The majority of their work is made up of central heating installations in new build properties, working with the likes of Taylor Wimpey, Barratt Homes and Bovis Homes.

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The challenge

AHW relied upon paper documents and Excel to process and manage all of their jobs, a task which had become very time consuming as they began to take on more clients. Multiple spreadsheets were being used for different tasks, which meant the administration team would need to enter the same information up to four times in order to catalogue data correctly.

The nature of their work means communication and speed of response are both critical elements to their growth, so they had no room for inefficiencies at any stage of their job process.

As the majority of their processes were not digitised, they realised they would need to employ the use of a field service management system to alleviate their issues.

The solution

In order to streamline their processes, AHW knew that they required a system that would give them instant access to the information they needed in a methodical and straightforward manner. Following a demo of the Oneserve system, the decision makers recognised that Oneserve was the perfect fit for their needs.

All information is stored in a single system and accessible to any employee with the relevant login details. This visibility, combined with the intuitive nature of Oneserve, meant the team could enter, process and monitor information with ease.

Everything I do is now more efficient. From booking a job to invoicing for work, the entire process is managed via Oneserve rather than the Excel files and paperwork we previously relied upon. Instead of entering information four times, I now just do it once.

Sam Scrine, Customer Care Advisor - AHW

The results

Increased productivity
Oneserve has simplified the administration process to such an extent that AHW are now 50% more productive. Sam Scrine, Customer Care Advisor, explains:

“Everything I do is now more efficient. From booking a job to invoicing for work, the entire process is managed via Oneserve rather than Excel files and paperwork.”

Efficient data management
All information is now stored in one place and periodically backed up. Everyone in the organisation has visibility of the information they need, giving them an easy-to-access and very reliable audit trail.

Improved customer service
AHW can now respond to customers quickly and with confidence:

“We can search Oneserve instantly and provide a response to our customers there and then.”


They are now 50% more productive


They have complete visibility of their jobs as data is stored centrally


Customer service has improved due to quick response times

Oneserve has given us reliability, visibility and efficiency, but, on top of this, it is the service we receive that I would particularly recommend. We don’t just receive software from Oneserve, we receive a true service.

Sam Scrine, Customer Care Advisor - AHW