Breyer Group

Breyer Group has over 60 years’ experience specialising in roofing, construction, responsive repairs and maintenance. They initially used three systems to manage their service provision, however this solution wasn’t meeting their needs and they started to see jobs getting lost and inefficiencies creep in. They therefore began researching the service management market for an alternative and found Oneserve.

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The Challenge

Breyer Group is a long established business, employing 300 people, who provide responsive repairs and maintenance to social housing providers.

Although they had software in place to manage their service provision, their existing solution was cumbersome. They had to use three systems to complete the necessary tasks, which required extensive maintenance and internal training. The previous solution also had no means for reporting, and any changes Breyer wished to make were time consuming and expensive. The solution wasn’t meeting their needs and they started to see jobs getting lost and inefficiencies creep in.

The Solution

Breyer explored five options, and after an extensive review process they concluded that Oneserve best met all of their requirements.

With an immediate need to reduce existing inefficiencies, a particular selling point was the speed in which Oneserve could be up and running. As their Business Process Manager, Daniel Eastham, explains, “Implementation was very quick. Once the data was migrated, we were up and running in the first month. Importing data was a piece of cake via the relevant templates, and the entire process was clearly explained.

Breyer also had extensive integration requirements, as their customers operate on numerous different housing management systems – all of which Oneserve would need to integrate with if the process was to be as efficient as possible. Despite the need to integrate with some legacy and uncommon pieces of software, Daniel explains, “We have always got it working and never had an issue doing so.” Oneserve also integrates with their finance system, further streamlining their processes.

These integration capabilities mean that Breyer now benefit from a single service management solution. In Daniel’s words, “We use Oneserve for everything. Our clients raise a job at their end which alerts our team to schedule the job. Our operatives then use their mobile device to progress and complete the job, we send out satisfaction surveys and then invoice for the work. Everything happens in Oneserve through the entire job life cycle.

Oneserve is a very robust and dependable solution that is extremely good at what it does. It brings simplicity and precision that delivers benefits across our entire organisation.

Daniel Eastham, Business Process Manager - Breyer Group

The Results

Reduced costs

The full-scale nature of Oneserve has transformed Breyer in more ways than one, as Daniel explains, “Oneserve has completely changed how we operate. We were able to strip out three other systems, which has not only simplified our processes, it has also dramatically cut our operating cost. In fact, we now spend 60-70% less on our service management solution.

Extensive reporting

The Oneserve Analytics tool enables Oneserve users to interrogate a vast array of data. This information can be viewed on customisable dashboards and reports can be automatically scheduled and sent to key stakeholders. Daniel expands on this, “I use the analytics tool for most of my reporting. It gives me everything I need metrically.

Improved efficiency

The clunky processes incurred by the previous system have been replaced by a simple, all-inclusive solution that enables everyone in the organisation to work more efficiently. Daniel explains that, “Oneserve is a lot easier to use. We can automatically book operatives, easily see the schedules and our commercial team can prepare invoices instantly. This has significantly improved our efficiency.

Greater confidence

The failings of the previous system meant the Breyer team needed a solution that would regain their confidence. Oneserve has achieved just that, as Daniel explains, “We made sure we involved some end users in the implementation process so they could see the improvements early on. This, together with the simple interface, means that our team are very happy with Oneserve. We have 240 people using the system, and it is so easy to use that our operatives are up to speed within 10 minutes, and our office users can pick everything up in half a day.


Reduced costs


Improved efficiency


Extensive reporting

We knew that Oneserve's ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems would make a huge difference to Breyer. Information now flows easily between all of their systems, enabling them to achieve optimal efficiency and complete visibility across their entire organisation.

Des Moss, Implementation Manager - Oneserve