Cobwebs has provided facilities services, predominantly to councils and housing associations, for more than 30 years. With over 60 employees, they are one of the largest independently-owned cleaning companies in the South West, covering Bristol, Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire and Cornwall.

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The challenge

As with any company experiencing continued growth, the issues with Cobwebs’ existing paper and email-based system were making it difficult to manage an increased workload. Information was often incomplete and paperwork would go missing.

They were also wary of disappointing their customers; when responding to customer queries they would have to comb through a maze of paperwork to find an answer, unnecessarily increasing their response times.

Cobwebs knew they had the capacity and ambition to keep growing their business and become more competitive in the industry. They recognised that a software solution would best help them achieve this, so they started researching their options.

The solution

As a fast paced organisation, Cobwebs were particularly attracted to the straightforward nature of Oneserve. They saw from the demo that it was easy to use and were confident that they could get up to speed quickly.

They principally needed Oneserve to manage their voids work, recognising that the system would be the perfect package to support their teams. As well as simplifying the scheduling process, Oneserve enabled their operatives to take photos of their work, which were then stored directly in Oneserve via the mobile application. This allowed them to form detailed and highly-visible audit trails.

It used to be difficult to schedule additional work, but now we can see job progress in real time and book work with ease via the scheduler.

Rob Valavicius, Operations Coordinator - Cobwebs

The results

Increased Productivity
The administrative burden of scheduling, monitoring and reporting has halved. The operatives are also able to complete more work, because additional jobs can be scheduled immediately.

More Responsive
By managing the entire job process in one system, Oneserve has given Cobwebs the tools to deliver a more responsive service. Their customer service has increased twofold. They can respond faster to job requests thanks to the scheduler and answering customer queries is instant.

Simple Reporting
Cobwebs use Oneserve’s interactive dashboard and report building tool to create reports for both their customers and internal teams. By no longer needing to collate information from multiple sources, reporting is 40% quicker, giving them everything they need in one place.


Productivity has increased by 50% thanks to the scheduler


Their speed of response has increased customer service twofold


Reports can now be produced 40% quicker

Our customer service has increased twofold. We can respond faster, because we can easily and quickly book jobs through the scheduler, and we can answer customer queries instantly.

Rob Valavicius, Operations Coordinator - Cobwebs