Contour Roofing

Making a shift from paper to software requires careful thought as to what the most effective online processes should be. We helped Contour Roofing make this transition as smooth as possible and they consequently reaped the rewards of Oneserve at the outset (and have continued to do so every working day thereafter).

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The challenge

Contour Roofing has been established for over 30 years providing a professional, competitive and friendly roofing service across the South East. To complete work the mobile engineers used several different documents and programmes and Contour Roofing recognised that to aid growth, they needed to streamline their processes.

The solution

Instant access on one device – Contour Roofing’s workforce now view everything they need on their mobile device. Instead of carrying paperwork around, they access documents, job and location details all from the Oneserve app on their phone. They also capture job details, including images and signatures, on the same device for a complete job solution.

Fast and efficient scheduling – The back office team can now see live schedules for the entire workforce enabling them to assign an engineer to a job quickly and efficiently. The team can also see past visits and important notes as jobs are booked in to further enhance efficiency.

Accurate billing – By using a single central system to record all information, Contour Roofing has not only seen job efficiency improve, they have also improved other business processes such as invoicing. Data is recorded in real-time so whereas previously they had to wait for paperwork to be returned to the office, they can now invoice quickly and accurately.

Not having to use several documents and programmes has increased efficiency dramatically. Our mobile engineers have increased productivity by up to 25% per day by being able to access everything they need on their mobile device.

Elizabeth Harris, Training Manager - Contour Roofing

The results

Fast results thanks to improved scheduling and job completion.

Contour Roofing realised the benefits of a cloud-based field service management solution very quickly. Scheduling improved, not just because they were able to schedule engineers more efficiently but because they could complete the process far quicker, as explained by one of the  administration team:

“It’s fantastic being able to schedule appointments in for our workforce easily. As soon as we start typing in a client’s name, we can see past appointments and important notes so we know who to send to the job. Having this all in one central location has made running the day-to-day activities of the business much more streamlined.”

By introducing efficient processes at every stage, the engineers have also benefited from a simpler, quicker job completion process with everything they need hosted in a single system.


Invoicing is now quick and accurate


The back office team can assign jobs to an engineer quickly and efficiently


Mobile engineers have increased productivity by up to 25% per day