Dry Risers Direct

Specialising in the installation, maintenance and testing of wet and dry risers, including privately owned fire hydrants, Dry Risers Direct came to Oneserve looking for a partner to help them get a handle on the vast amounts of data they continually collect across their entire business.

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The Challenge

Dry Risers Direct supply, install and service fire suppression equipment, such as dry risers and sprinklers, to the facilities management industry and mechanical and electrical contractors. Operating since 2015, they initially relied upon Excel spreadsheets to manage their service delivery, however, these spreadsheets became disparate and the team were forced to duplicate data. This, together with information going missing, prompted Dry Risers Direct to seek a new way of managing jobs that would guarantee one version of the truth.

The Solution

Dry Risers Direct knew they needed a solution that would quickly collate information from the field and help them maintain a healthy cash flow. With previous experience selling Field Service Management software, their Managing Director had a strong understanding of what such systems were capable of.

In total, they looked at five different systems and applied a very methodical approach to their decision making process. Following a demo of each system, the team used a checklist to compare each solution against their ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’, awarding points against each.

Oneserve came out on top, with the scheduling tool and traceability coming through as particular strengths. The fact that Oneserve is web based and scalable also added weight to the final decision.

Oneserve is an excellent fit with our needs. As an ambitious, growing company, Oneserve is the perfect support, and we have the added bonus that it will become even greater value for money the bigger we get.

Adrian Pritchard, Managing Director - Dry Risers Direct

The Result

Dry Risers Direct have achieved enhanced growth by working with Oneserve. Managing Director, Adrian Pritchard, explains how they have benefitted in the following areas:

Improved productivity

Scheduling and managing so many jobs was a logistical challenge for my admin team. If they weren’t juggling jobs, they’d be chasing job sheets so that they could raise an invoice. Since implementing Oneserve the administration team have been able to increase productivity by 50%.”

Better cash flow

“Cash flow is much better. Job sheets are instantly available the moment a job is completed, dramatically increasing the speed in which we can compile invoices.”

Increased customer service

“With many customers, we have a KPI to provide them with job sheets within 24 hours. But now, with Oneserve, we usually have them available within the hour. We’ve also been able to use Oneserve as a unique selling point when bidding for new work.”

Instant audit trail

Operating in a highly regulated industry, Dry Risers Direct could be audited at any time to ensure they have complied with regulations and followed the appropriate procedures. By managing the entire job process in Oneserve, all of their data is accessible from a single system. As Adrian explains, “Having the traceability to instantly access information about any of our jobs gives great peace of mind.

Simple to use

The simplicity of Oneserve was another selling point for Dry Risers Direct and this has proven to be an advantage. Adrian states that, “Oneserve is so easy to use that we barely need to train new users. By shadowing an existing user they are up and running in less than half a day. This ease of use is particularly attractive to us because it makes it very easy for us to grow our business.



Improved productivity


Better cash flow


Instant audit trail

Dry Risers Direct had a very clear vision of what they wanted to achieve with Oneserve. As a result, we were able to help them quickly configure Oneserve to meet their exact needs, enabling them to hit the ground running.

Alex Walsh, Implementation Manager - Oneserve