MCP Property Services has been helping communities with social housing maintenance for 40 years. With over 20 clients in London and the East of England, they provide a range of services including, repairs & maintenance, aid & adaptations, cyclical & capital works and gas & electrical compliance servicing and installation.

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The challenge

MCP has over 100 engineers and complete in excess of 30,000 work orders every year. Before working with Oneserve, they secured a new contract delivering responsive and capital works worth circa £35 million.

Taking on such large contracts was a challenge as MCP delivered their service through a predominantly manual process, which meant they had little visibility of their operational efficiencies and were unable to provide automated in-depth reports to clients.

With the arrival of this substantial new client, and the ambition to take on an increasing number of large contracts, MCP acknowledged that they would need to improve their service delivery.

The solution

Their system can now handle complex business processes, including void turnaround and residential adaptations, as well as gas servicing, installation and certification.

With a large workforce, everyone working on site has access to all the necessary information they need. Likewise, the office staff now have real-time visibility of job progress.

Resources and appointments can be allocated in the most efficient manner possible, but at the same time MCP has the flexibility to manipulate schedules themselves via manual overrides.

Collaboration with subcontractors and new partners is vital, particularly as their supply chain expands and the company grows. As such, a flexible licence model allows them to enable new portals, which can be added as and when they need them.

As a sub-contractor for their client, synchronicity was a key requirement for MCP. To reach optimum efficiency, we configured a portal for their client and integrated this with their housing management system. This joined up approach means the entire chain works effortlessly, and both parties have complete visibility of the entire job process.

Aaron Bilenkyj, Senior Technical Analyst - Oneserve

The results

Since implementing Oneserve, MCP has successfully grown their business with the satisfaction of residents and clients at the forefront of everything they do.

One aspect that has been particularly influential in achieving this is the client portal. By giving their clients real-time access to information about their service delivery, the transparency and immediacy has fostered trust and enduring partnerships.

But the portal goes beyond heightened visibility, it also integrates with existing systems, enabling MCP’s clients to raise jobs in their system whilst automatically synchronising with Oneserve.

Oneserve has helped MCP achieve a greater consistency of service delivery by controlling their processes more effectively. This has led to significant improvement in the number of jobs completed per day.


They have achieved a 93% first-time fix rate


88% of first appointments booked have been kept


They uphold 100% compliance on gas and electrical testing