North West Leicestershire District Council

North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) is responsible for around 4,400 properties. Their internal repairs team is integral to the service they provide and they have cemented themselves an excellent reputation
in the local area.

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The challenge

It has always been imperative for NWLDC to provide an excellent level of customer service. Over the years, their operatives had built a good rapport with their clients, however the council began to realise the challenges of providing and sustaining this level of service delivery whilst keeping costs low.

Efficiencies were hampered by their existing paper-based system, as a result they couldn’t build audit trails or easily identify the areas in which they could make improvements.

They knew they would need to find a solution which would maintain their customer-focused service, and at the same time introduce greater efficiencies.

The solution

Oneserve has helped NWLDC to deliver an outstanding service at a lower cost, which has been achieved by:

Real-time scheduling
Empowering the council’s operatives to make additional appointment decisions and effectively manage their time, offering a service truly based on their areas of expertise and the customers they serve.

Audit trails
NWLDC are now able to capture photos of the work they complete. This not only helps to clarify what work has been carried out, but also acts as an immediate audit trail.

Offline working
Mobile black spots are common in the area their operatives work. Although a mobile solution would remove the inefficiencies caused by a paper-based system, they would quickly creep back in if signal outage was an issue. Oneserve allows their operatives to view their jobs and import data on their mobile during these times. The information is then synced with the Oneserve system as soon as signal is regained.

We completed 15% more jobs in the first four weeks of adopting Oneserve’s field service management software. It is about us being able to do more of the jobs ourselves and reducing our reliance on our SOR (Schedule of Rates) contractor.

David Moxon, Financial Systems Team Leader - NWLDC

The results

The council quickly reaped the rewards of a modern, intuitive field service management solution, becoming more proactive by responding quicker to the needs of customers and changing priorities.

Since implementing Oneserve, NWLDC has also found success by:

  • Increasing the number of jobs completed by 15% in the first four weeks of use.
  • Significantly reducing duplication, because jobs are now only updated once, rather than the need for filling in multiple forms.
  • Introducing more automation across the service, such as inbuilt sign offs, which give customers added reassurance that jobs have been completed.
  • Reducing their reliance on outsourced contractors, focusing more on in-house expertise.

Increased the number of jobs completed by 15% in the first four weeks of use


Introducing automation has improved customer relationships


They do not need to rely on outsourced contractors